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Oct 4, 2013 07:04 PM

GREAT Greek food in the north shore

Live in marblehead, looking for Greek food that's good!

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  1. Brothers Kouzina on Route 1 Peabody has always been reliable

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    1. re: bluesjack

      I particularly like Brothers Kouzina on late nite Saturdays when they have live Greek music. They close all the shades, put on the white linens to give it a club feel.. I think they make the best spanakopita and salad dressing and green beans around

    2. Recently ate at Brothers Kouzina and it was great!
      Had stuffed grape leaves as an entree. Opa!!

      1. Ithaki in Ipswich has pretty good Greek chow, they also have a nice bar

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        1. re: treb

          I am Greek and I really like the food at Ithaki. It went through a transformation a couple of years ago and the food went downhill. While I think it is overpriced, I really enjoy going there. Great octopus!

          1. re: ParisLady

            PL, you DO mean that the food went downhill and THEN it came back up, yes?i love octopus but it is usually very expensive.(the Courthouse Seafood Azorean owners told me you can really only get it frozen in the U.S. [for retail, anyway.]) How is it prepared at I? thnx.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Octopus is a huge pain to make properly, smells awful while cooking, and yields very little for the effort put in. After making it myself for years, I just have decided it's worth paying someone else whatever they ask just so they'll do it for me. One food which has a reason for being expensive.

              1. re: Scruffy The Cat

                Couldn't agree with Scruffy more, it's so much work for so little payout.

              2. re: opinionatedchef

                any reports on the octopus meze at Oleana?

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Yes the food taste and quality went way up! The octopus is marinated and grilled and served with a fava bean puree. It is really delicious.

                  1. re: ParisLady

                    hmmm,i like the white bean type treatment. must order that. thx for telling me about its bad smell while coking; i'd never heard that. Tongue was like that when i tackled it loooong ago.

                    madrid- i thought YOU were going to report next on O: your special dinner there? i am REALLY hoping she'll be doing the tuna kibbeh when we next visit.

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      I haven't had the special dinner yet....trying to get 3 women friends together when three of us have children with mental health issues and I lost my built in child care has been very challenging, and everyone but me is working. I did go in for a bar quick meze with my SO as a last minute thing...we had two specials, once was the Somerville buratta with fried green tomatoes and the other was a tomato flatbread. Both were delicious but we didn't have time to do an all-out feast due to child care issues. Hope to be able to report back on tuesday if our crew can get it together.

                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        Prezza has a great wood grilled octopus app with squid and white beans.

                    2. re: opinionatedchef

                      Ithaki makes a grilled octopus. You can make it at home. Thaw, boil for 75 mins, finish on the grill over hot coals. Don't marinate in oil or it will start a grill fire. Dress is after it comes off with oil, a little S & P, garlic, fresh oregano. I make a mash with lentils, lima beans garlic and oil to serve with it. Good to keep the windows open - it can be a but fetid during the boil.

                      1. re: ipsofatso

                        ipso, awfully nice of you to take the time.I will follow suit with your techniques. you know what else i really want to make with the oct? The delicious Japanese oct (tako) croquettes that they have been doing at Strip T's lately. yummola!

                    3. re: ParisLady

                      Years ago it did go way down when they attempted to make it a sports bar, major business error. It's now back to what it was and very respectable. The octo is marinated and grilled I believe and worth the trip and price.

                      1. re: ParisLady

                        I gave up on Ithaki 2.0 after they re-opened. I make my own octopus now. I buy it frozen at market basket, boil it for 75 mins and finish it on the grill. Saves me the frustration of having to go to 2.0 and get bad service in a Lite Rock atmosphere. What a shame they had to mess with success. My in-laws are Greek (right - I am not so they secretly hate me - oh well) so I learned how to cook by osmosis some very traditional Greek chow. I am not sure I get your post: The food went downhill, it is over-priced and you like going there.

                        1. re: ipsofatso

                          I do like going there when I do not want to make an entire mouussaka, pastitsio for one person. Their food is good and not so overpriced that I feel it is not worth going. As for the octopus, I would rather eat it at a restaurant than make it myself. At one point the food went downhill but they re-fgouped and it is now very good authentic Greek food.

                    4. I second Brothers Kouzina. There is Brother's deli in Wakefield ctr that is good as well.

                      1. Le Bistro in Marblehead is Mediterranean but has many greek dishes. It is worth a try and close by!