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Dec 13, 2004 09:50 AM

Austin - Qucik report

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I'll probably write more on my blog when I have time, but I want to give a quick report on the two interesting places I tried while in Austin.

- Sam's BBQ
After much research on this board and as well as quizzing of folks at the client, we reduced our Q quest to two: Sam's and Ben's Longbranch. My gut told me Ben's (for collegue protection reasons). Turns out my gut was right in some ways, but Ben's, alas, and contrary to what they said on their web site, was closed at 6 PM. We ventured East to Sam's. It would be an insult to shack's everywhere to call Sam's a shack. Still, it also fit an image of a certain kind of BBQ place. Massive piles of oak logs all over the place helped too. The brisket was overly soft from excess steaming, the sausage was likewise too greasy from steaming, but the mutton, off the grill was nigh perfect, tar black on the outside, really too fatty on the inside, just excessively intense in the best way. The sauce featured a bit too much tomato, almost like spaghetti sauce. Interesting place, but no Lockhart...

Big Daddy's BBQ and Breakfast Taco's
When I was up at well before the crack of dawn to work, I had incentive to leave the hotel for breakfast. I found very nearby, the anti-chain, Big Daddy's. I'm no breakfast taco expert, but my friend from Houston found them get back in from the parking lot and order another good. Big Daddy uses an electric smoker, but the brisket was still very tasty, and with oily eggs and an excellent hot sauce, well it was a nice way to have brisket. Still, what I really liked best at Big Daddy's was his Elgin sausage, pan fried. The homemade pinto beans were nothing special.

Thanks all for the help.



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  1. Thanks for engaging the TX forum in your Austin quest. It was the most interesting thread for months. Once again, finding something done well in the Austin area comes down to bbq, with a nod to Mexican. I commend you for trying Sam's under your constraints. A valid attempt, even though not the best available in the area. Thanks for your reaction. I'm sorry I didn't become aware of the thread, and your interest in breakfast tacos, until after you left town. I'd have been glad to accompany to a couple of my early morning east austin favorites.