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Oct 4, 2013 03:34 PM

Outstanding lunch at Heyday (SOMA/FiDi) [San Francisco]

Had lunch at Heyday today, on Spear between Howard and Mission. It's gotten great press, and I can see why: It's delivering on its promise of fast, delicious, fresh food.

I had the raw kale salad and the toasted farro with roasted summer vegetables. I was worried the kale salad would be tough, since kale is a damn hearty green. But it wasn't--it was soft and delicious, dressed with yogurt avocado dressing. The farro was cooked perfectly: toothsome without being unpleasantly chewy. There was a hint of lemon in one of the salads, though I can't say which because they were served together in one container. Which worked perfectly because they complemented each other so I just mixed everything together.

My dining companion also had the kale salad, but her second choice was the chickpeas and quinoa. She was equally happy with her selections.

Heyday charges $10 for two items from the menu, so we spent an even $20. I liked that they didn't ring up the order or need to make change for tax or whatever--just $20 even for two orders with two items each. There was a consistent line till about 1pm, but it moved FAST, helped along by the smooth purchase point. All the food is premade, including the sandwiches, so you just pick out what you want, they box it up, and you pay either $6 (one item), $10 (two items), or $14 (three items). And they offer lemon water for free.

The sandwiches, despite being premade, looked as delicious as the salads. Next time I plan to get the roasted summer eggplant sandwich. Unless the menu has changed with the season. But whatever I get, I feel certain it'll be great.

Heyday (open M-F 7am-3pm)
180 Spear Street, SF

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  1. Happy to read about lunch at Heyday -- when we were visiting in May, one morning we watched the kitchen prepping the salads and several hundred sandwiches for takeout preorders and it all looked (and smelled) great.

    We're not often in that area at lunchtime but the breakfast options were equally toothsome, so I expect we'll be back for more.

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      1. Revisited Heyday the Friday before Christmas, and was less enthusiastic this time around. The kale salad wasn't as good as my first visit, and the roasted delicata squash sandwich was merely fine. Two dining companions agreed: The food was fine, but the portions were too small for the price.

        The pistachio-cherry muffin from Starter Bakery was actually the highlight of the meal.

        Might give it one more try. Best two out of three?

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          I'd say give it another try. My BF lives down the street so we often go there for lunch on Fridays when WFH.

          We are both ADDICTED to the kale salad and the chickpea/quinoa/carrot/harissa? salad.

          Was actually on here looking for copycat recipes.

          Sometimes it does seem slightly less addictive than others...but then it's always up again.

          The pre made cold sandwiches are also good, as well as the hot ones they have on occasion.

          Lol, and it might not sound like it, but I don't work there.

          OH! But if you're over that way occasionally, down the street at Spear & Folsom, there is Los Campadres Taco's supposed to be amazing and there's always a line, and I've been meaning to go...but I always walk past to get to HeyDay and I am NOT a vegetarian or anything either. :)