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Oct 4, 2013 03:29 PM

a night in franklin?


college tour tomorrow, we're staying in franklin, couldn't find recent info here, any recommendations? was thinking about stopping at commonwealth bbq on the way in but have seen mixed reviews.


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  1. what colleges will you visit? franklin is 40 miles and nearly an hour from boston...

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        Clark University is located in Worcester MA where there would be many more options for restaurants than Franklin. I don't know where Whitman College is around here and I used to teach in Franklin. The only Whitman College I know of is located in Washington state.

    1. Just a few miles away in No. Attleboro are a couple of relatively unknown gems:


      We had dinner last night at Bistro45, two appetizers (calimari and a huge amazing fig/prosciuto salad,) one soup, two 16oz bottles of a Russian beer you won't find anywhere else ( ) and lamb shank that we split and still had leftovers to take home = about $40. Unbeatable.

      1. The Rome is very good Red Sauce Italian. They may be cash only. There's Acapulco for Mex, though I've never eaten at this location an they vary.
        . If you drive down rt 126 toward Bellingham Vercelli's is very good. There is a new coal red pizza by the owners of Incontro, which doesn't thrill me.

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          The Rome is ok but overrated. Acapulco is generic Tex Mex. Across the street there is a decent Indian place