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Oct 4, 2013 03:15 PM

Vegetarian friendly restaurant in greater Hartford area

Looking for a vegetarian friendly restaurant in the Hartford area that non vegetarians can enjoy too. Can only think of Tapas but want other options. Anything out there?

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  1. Fire and Spice in Hartford serves Jamaican fare.

    1. I don't know what cuisine type or price point you are looking for but here are a few that are all over the place:

      Utsav in Vernon
      IndiGo Bistro in Manchester
      Puket Cafe in Wethersfield
      Firebox in Hartford (menu constantly changing/seasonal but they almost always have one great veg entree option)
      Max Amore in Glastonbury

      1. Cottage Restaurant has several veggie choices on their menu

        If pasta works try Bricco's, Peppercorns, Carbones, Piccolo Arancio,

        1. Tisane has several options as well

          1. Burton's at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor offers a full vegetarian menu with lots of yummy choices. I'm not even a vegetarian and often order off that menu.