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Oct 4, 2013 03:15 PM

Vegetarian friendly restaurant in greater Hartford area

Looking for a vegetarian friendly restaurant in the Hartford area that non vegetarians can enjoy too. Can only think of Tapas but want other options. Anything out there?

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  1. Fire and Spice in Hartford serves Jamaican fare.

    1. I don't know what cuisine type or price point you are looking for but here are a few that are all over the place:

      Utsav in Vernon
      IndiGo Bistro in Manchester
      Puket Cafe in Wethersfield
      Firebox in Hartford (menu constantly changing/seasonal but they almost always have one great veg entree option)
      Max Amore in Glastonbury

      1. Cottage Restaurant has several veggie choices on their menu http://cottagerestaurantandcafe.com//

        If pasta works try Bricco's, Peppercorns, Carbones, Piccolo Arancio,

        1. Tisane has several options as well

          1. Burton's at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor offers a full vegetarian menu with lots of yummy choices. I'm not even a vegetarian and often order off that menu.