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Oct 4, 2013 03:03 PM

Water in recipes

I don't trust some recipes that call for plain water, this one on the yahoo news page looks good but I am not to thrilled with the 2 cups of water that's in there, chicken broth will probably make it too salty...

what do you all think?


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  1. Don't add salt to the chicken stock and it won't be salty (assuming you're making it. I imagine there are unsalted varieties at the store and then you could season to taste.)

    This recipe has clam juice and plenty of things that would make it's own broth in it, if I were to add chicken stock I'd go 1c stock 1c water.

    1. If you don't add water, how would you make the seafood broth? I don't understand the trust issue - it calls for water because you need the seafood juices to be diluted, not because they are trying to pull one over on you.

      1. I am not entirely sure why you don't want to add water. Do you think that it will be too favorless? You said that you want to add chicken broth. Yes, I think chicken broth is fine, and like weezieduzzit said you don't have to add salt to chicken broth/stock.

        Again, you have plenty of clam juice and shrimp and haddock, I don't think you need chicken stock. I think water will be just fine.

        1. I have made plenty of seafood stews. Do not add chicken stock!!! The bottle of clam juice and the water will be fine.If it were me I would omit the paprika and use one stalk celery instead of two. You can take the shells from your shrimp and add them to the water and simmer for around ten min. Strain and use in your soup.You might even have to add a little water.Or sometimes I'll use a little white wine.Check this after you put in the fish.Careful with your salt. Proceed with recipe.

          1. I think the chicken broth flavor is weird in a seafood stew personally......

            You add water so you are basically making your own "seafood broth" at the same time as making the rest of the recipe. I would add 1/2c or so white wine for more flavor and the rest as water