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Oct 4, 2013 01:07 PM

Help! Brunch Buffet with Oysters?

well, my google-fu is burnt. I can't find a thing. is there a decent brunch buffet that has oysters on it? I started looking in the Outer Boroughs but without any luck and I want to organize a surprise party for my mom and it's her favorite thing. Could there be a place in Manhattan? Surely there's got to be someplace??? thanks!! Anywhere south of 125th would probably be ok...

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  1. Given that oysters in a lot of Manhattan restaurants are now $3/each, I highly doubt it.

    1. Sunday brunch buffet of Peacock Alley @ Waldorf Astoria offers oysters.
      After Carlyle Restaurant discontinued its good Sunday brunch buffet, Peacock Alley seems to be the only gourmet buffet left in the city and it is my favorite, although a bit pricey.

      Water Club's weekend buffet used to have oysters too and the price was far more reasonable, although the place is currently closed after Sandy.

      My third suggestion is, utilize the city's oyster happy hour. There are many good restaurants offering oyster happy hours at $1-$1.50 per piece. You will probably get better quality oysters than buffet.

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        The Brunch is served every Sunday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm (final seating). Guests are seated in Peacock Alley Restaurant and Private Dining Room.

        •A feted event
        •Raw bar with caviar, clams, oysters, lobster and shrimp
        •Smoked fish and meat carving stations
        •Mimosa or Champagne glass is served to each guest
        •Over 100 gourmet desserts displayed around a majestic chocolate fondue fountain
        •$98 per adult, $65 per child (ages 5-12), plus taxes and gratuity*


        1. re: kathryn

          Wow that is probably out of budget but sounds great!

      2. Maybe Ulysses:

        Might be too casual for a birthday celebration.

        I haven't been in ages. Thought their buffet had a raw bar. Provided they still do brunch (and you can deal with the Stone Street crowds), you might want to inquire.

        Or Aquagrill if they serve brunch:

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          oo thank you! has anyone been to Ulysses? Is the food any good? The price seems suspicious to me... My mom does like a good party so if the food is good (and the oysters are truly unlimited and worth eating) then we could have a winner!

          1. re: kazhound

            You might want to call them and see what they do for brunch as there doesn't seem to be a brunch menu on their website, only lunch and dinner. The oysters appear to be sold at $2.50 each.

            1. re: kazhound

              It's just a large pub that is packed during the work week with people who work in the financial district.

              Not a destination, special occasion place, it's quieter on weekends with those who live there.

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                I know I'm being a pest about it, but when you figure in schlepping everyone to the city, parking, and general city driving stress, taking a ride out to Winfield's in the Greenwich Hyatt doesn't seem too bad. Winfield's brunch is pretty fabulous. Definitely memorable. The setting is incomparably gorgeous. Unlimited raw bar that includes oysters. A HUGE dessert area. Carving stations. A babbling brook. Songbirds.

                Ok, I'll stop now.

            2. Several of the Koreatown places have raw bars. I've had the oysters at Ichi Umi (as well as sushi/sashimi) during their brunch buffet several times and its always been very fresh. Layout is good for groups too.