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Oct 4, 2013 12:50 PM

Alternative to cast iron pans as doctor says no

My doctor say I should not cook with cast iron any more. They have been my go to pan for years.

I was looking at the Le Creuset Signature Skillet. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. I

Thank you

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  1. I think we'd need to know what specifically you are supposed to be avoiding that makes cast iron unacceptable to your Dr.

    1. Yes. Specifically why are you told not to use cast iron pans? Do you have very high iron plasma level?

      1. Sorry, my error, my iron levels are too high.

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          I see. In that case, yes, maybe you should stop using cast iron or carbon steel cookware. It may not be the only cause, but it is a good start (to troubleshoot). Of course, I am sure your doctor told you to cut down the iron rich foods as well. Good luck.

          One thing I want to say is that I notice the iron plasma test can be very shaky. One year you can get an abnormal high number and another year is perfectly fine. My iron level was perfect for years, but it suddenly went up last year for no reason. My friend's iron level also shot up really high one year, and he did a bunch of other tests which pointed to nothing, and he has since gotten normal iron level. So don't worry too much if this is a one time thing.

          In term of cookware, most stainless steel surface cookware and enameled cast iron cookware will work fine to you. In fact, Teflon cookware will work perfectly.

        2. Nickle-plated cast iron---no food contact with the cast iron itself.

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            If I were no longer able to use CI or CS cookware, I think I would go for this stuff, or ceramic nonstick cookware (and resign myself to replacing it every few years) because although I like the look of enamelled cast iron, it sticks a LOT.

          2. I have the 9 inch version, and I like it. I wouldn't use it for eggs as it's definitely not a non-stick surface. It works great for almost everything else. It's cast iron for those of us who just can't maintain the seasoning on our regular cast iron