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Oct 4, 2013 11:49 AM

Murphys/Calaveras winery recs

Heading to Tahoe via gold country this weekend and are planning a stop in Murphys. Any suggestions on not-to-miss wineries in that area? We tend to like smaller, homier wineries (as opposed to the Ironstone it really worth the stop?).

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  1. If you're primarily interested in checking out the wines, a lot of the wineries have tasting rooms in downtown/old town Murphys. If you're looking for the winery experience, the only one I'm familiar with is Irish Vineyards, which is pleasant enough and has some drinkable wines.

    There's probably more info on the California board.

    1. Four Winds (was called Laraine) has a small tasting room a few miles away from Murphy's. I always find one or two wines worth buying. Nearby are several other standalone wineries that I find to have mixed quality.

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