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Oct 4, 2013 11:32 AM

Classic NYC Tasting Menu - Need Help Narrowing Down Choices

My husband and I do a Christmas Tasting Menu every year and this year we want to do something classic. Our three choices are Daniel, Jean Georges and Eleven Madison Park. We have never been to any of these. We are looking for outstanding service as well as amazing food. The wine pairing is less of a focus this year as only one of us can drink it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here that I would throw my hat into the ring for EMP. Don't get me wrong; I would glady partake in any one of those tasting menus because they are all excellent choices but for me, when the evening is the total package of food, service, atmosphere, and fun then EMP wins. I personally don't think there is any restaurant in NYC presenting a tasting menu the way EMP does it.

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      Good to know, thanks! We actually had a reservation for Christmas dinner last December and changed it last minute to Marea. I might never forgive myself if we can't get one this year : )

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        Don't forget that they're soon raising their menu price to $225 from $195.

    2. NB: EMP books up within minutes of opening their books already. It will probably be even worse during the holiday season, especially if you want a weekend night.

      They book 28 days (4 weeks) in advance at 9am. So you would call Saturday 11/23 at 9am for Saturday 12/21, etc. Good luck.

      1. +1 for EMP as well. Their carrot tartare just made TONY's dish of the year, and I truly think it was one of the most interesting things I've ever had.

        Not sure what you mean by "classic" though... seems like EMP is a little more modern than say, Daniel.

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        1. re: zeeEats

          Sorry, classic is the wrong word. Infamous to NYC food scene maybe? I just meant one that lots of people give rave reviews to and have been around for more than a couple of years. Tried and true.

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            "Infamous" means well known for being bad. Don't think you mean that word either. Sorry, the copywriter/proofreader in me couldn't let that one go. :)

            1. re: kam0424

              Famous, big names, established players, I guess what you meant.

              Also December means truffle season, right? In case you want to have an even more indulgent birthday...

          2. Highly recommend EMP. Food and service are far superior at EMP.