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Special occasion restaurant in Richmond or Sunset for tomorrow night? [San Francisco]

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Looking for a place with good food and a little more ambience than the neighborhood Asian places for a Saturday night birthday dinner. We're meeting someone who will be at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in the park, so we're looking at the Sunset or Richmond.

And not Aziza; I'm not a fan.

Thanks .

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  1. For Italian, try Bella Trattoria, 3rd & Geary.

    1. Khan Toke is much nicer than your average Asian place.

        1. han il kwan has great korean food. not sure if this is at all what you're looking for, but don't think i'd consider it a neighborhood asian place.

          1. kappou gomi is also very good. more upscale.

            1. Second the recommendation for Chapeau!, but it will be hard to get a table. Also recommend The Richmond, at 615 Balboa.

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                The Richmond is an okay choice in that it is quite a bit more posh inside than a typical Richmond Asian place, but the food is more or less average, in my opinion. A lot of standard New American cooking, done more or less competently, but not particularly memorable.

              2. Thanks, everyone. Chapeau! can squeeze us in late.

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