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Oct 4, 2013 11:15 AM

Next Door by Josie - tonight

I'm going to a birthday dinner tonight at Next Door by Josie. Any recommendations for what to order? I notice on the online menu that they serve chicken pot pie - that sounds good to me right now (as I'm sitting here starved for lunch). Anybody had it? The bacon/beer popcorn starter also seems to be a must try. Any comments on what to try and/or what to avoid would be appreciated. (And it won't do any good to tell me to go somewhere else instead, since I'm a mere invitee.)

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  1. The burgers looked really good, my kids had them and they were really juicy.

    I've been a few times, and cannot get out of there without ordering the roast pork's heavenly, with aged provolone, crispy fried rabe, and thinly sliced roast pork with some serious garlic mayo. I'm not sure how authentic it is to the originals in Philly, but this sandwich rocks for me. Don't know if it's on their dinner menu or not.

    They make good cocktails, also, and I've always wanted to try her chili, but I can't seem to resist that roast pork sandwich.

    Hope you enjoy it if you order it...... Let me know if you do!

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      I'd heard about that pork sammie, and it is on the dinner menu. It's was on my short list and now, having heard your endorsement, it may be the go-to item. And, still looking forward to an account of your night at N/Naka.

      1. re: Wayno

        I hope you enjoy it as much as I have....

        I doubt I will be giving a play by play of the dinner at n/naka....though it was lovely, and we enjoyed it thoroughly, it's too long past now for me to even recall the courses we had.... I only took a few pics so as not to be too annoying....

        One thing I will comment on is that although they were very polite and accommodating, the service fell down a few times, which was surprising for that level of a dinner. I've had better service at dinners that cost half as much :(

        For instance, I told them on the phone that I had a dairy restriction, which they were on top of in the beginning, but by the dessert course, they served me ice cream, which was their I pointed it out, they hurriedly served me a small piece of cake instead. I know it's minor, but for the price, it stood out. Also the waiter, who was very friendly and knowledgeable, promised me he would email me a copy of the menu we had, the 13 course tasting menu with wine pairings. I never received it. Hence why I cannot really write up a review about it, as I couldn't never remember all the types of fish, preparations and wine & sake pairings. Bummed me out a little.

    2. It's been a while since i've been but i remember the burger and the cheese plate being good.

      1. Spicy shrimp and grits were really good.

        1. Last time I was there they had a chicken liver pate starter that was our favorite dish of the entire evening.