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Hollywood Pies to close

So sad.

From their website and facebook:

All good things must come to an end.

Two years ago, two unlikely partners embarked on a journey together that would change their lives. Two years ago, they both resigned from their steady jobs and steady paychecks to leave it all behind in order to create something exciting and something different and all of this was to be created in a new place for the both of them- Los Angeles.

Experimenting in their tiny Craftsman kitchen in San Diego, these two started creating Chicago style pies. They would rush home from work, change their clothes and get into the kitchen while their cat Earl was perched on a stool nearby, watching these two laugh as flour was lightly dusted on every surface of the kitchen. They made these pies- testing doughs, sauces and recipes every night, and the following morning they would bring them to work and smile to themselves as they watched their co-workers close their eyes and enjoy the pies that were baked the night before.

A small catering kitchen was found in Los Angeles, and Alexandra, along with two of her friends, rented a room in nearby West Hollywood. Every morning they would wake up and get the kitchen prepared for their big opening in June of 2011. Every night they would sleepily stand in a corner at the FedEx on Beverly and cut little strips of paper that would serve as flyers to be placed on the windshields of cars that very night. They were determined and willing and they made Hollywood Pies their life.

David would then drive in from San Diego every Friday after work. Fighting the horrifying traffic and braving the honking of cars, he would pull up to 385 N. La Cienega, put his apron on and join his crew of deep dish pie makers. There would be weeknights where only a handful of hungry midwesterners would call and place an order, but even then, they were all so proud.

The word quickly got around and the Hollywood Pies crew would be surprised and overwhelmed at what had happened. Thrillist, Eater LA, La Weekly…they all found them and started writing. Deemed a “drug deal” for pizza, attention grew and grew and never stopped growing. Hollywood Pies was something special, and the City of Angels quickly recognized that and warmly embraced them.

To those who have been loyal since the beginning, we thank you. To those who told all of your friends, we thank you. To those who order weekly and consider Hollywood Pies a staple in your life, we thank you, and to all those who just discovered us and will be angry at how quickly we’ve left, we thank you too. We would like to thank Los Angeles for nurturing us for two years and we were happy to have fed those who appreciated what we did.


Alex and David
Hollywood Pies

*Interested in continuing the legacy or licensing our recipes and process, please use the contact tab above.*


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  1. I was one of the first Chicago Expats to try Hollywood Pies, back when they were 'dealing' pizza from the ex-Acapulco space on La Cienega. I started a CH thread about it long ago, and mourn its loss.

    That said, one of the reasons I think they may have had problems lately is they just made things difficult for a lot of their customers - I couldn't get them to deliver any more (they used to go a little out of their range for me in the beginning) and although their restaurant was on my way home from work, I could never pick up pizza from them, since they didn't stay open at the right time, even for pickup orders.

    I wanted them to succeed, and be the best representation of true Chicago pan in the LA area. I hope someone continues their legacy, hopefully finding a way to make this model work somehow.

    Oh well. Back to mail-ordering Malnati's.


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      Still a number of options around SoCal (OC, IE, SD), but none in the area for sure. DIsappointed on the hearing the news.

      1. re: TimToyGeek

        Tim, from what you describe, it sounds like they may have been over their heads as the business exploded and the stress of running the restaurant got to them. Pity, they made really tasty pizzas. I hope it works out for them.

        1. re: TimToyGeek

          If you are looking for Chicago pizza. Try Masa in Echo Park. This Chicago boy loves it.

        2. I was very saddened to hear the news. They claim it due to Family reasons, which I can understand... running a restaurant takes more than just passion and a great recipe. I also hope someone picks up the torch...


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            When is there final day in business ????

            Weren't they located on Pico just about east of LaCienega for the past few months ?????

            Thanks for the update.

          2. This makes me so sad. I love their pizza!

            1. Sounds like they were over it (or massive spin, you pick)

              "At some point last week – he doesn’t remember which day – David Miscimarra and his business partner decided they no longer wanted to run their cult-favorite deep-dish pizza operation Hollywood Pies."

              "“If I were 31, maybe I’d be doing things differently,” he said. “I’d love for it to continue, but I don’t want to be the man behind the oven.”"

              "Back in Los Angeles on Monday, Miscimarra told The Times about the decision to close the Chicago-style eatery. The rationale was personal, not financial – the company’s sales have “increased incrementally every month” it’s been open, he said."


              1. Has anyone tried this joint ?

                Union Pizza Co ????

                Any good ?

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                  Yep. It's okay. Quite industrial...Not even close to the wonderful flavors of Hollywood Pies. But I go there fairly often when I'm on my way back from Whole Foods, 2 Guns, Twist Yarn Shop, BevMo for a Chicago Slice...


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Ok, yeah, I do like Two guns.

                2. well, they had a change of heart and are now looking to re-open in November. Possibly with only 1 of the original 2 partners.

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                      on the plus side too I called Boos and they said they are close to opening full menu in Ktown but right now have a limited menu....very much looking forward to this new outpost!

                      1. re: Dommy

                        From LA Eater last Friday: "However, this morning the beloved Chicago deep dish-style pizzeria announced that they're planning to upgrade the kitchen, "recharge their batteries," and open again some time in November."

                        1. re: ns1

                          Where did you get that info from ????

                          Shit, I never had the chance to try Hollywood Pies whether operating out of the old Acapulco location on LaCienega or their sit-down site on Pico.

                          I wonder if it will be good as before for the hounds that liked it.

                          1. re: ns1

                            Can't say I'm surprised by this, given the somewhat Keystone Cops-ish routine this outfit has been from the start. Just give me the pizza. And if this credit card fraud nonsense is true, just pay with cash.

                          2. Eater LA comments are getting interesting, with allegations of one owner's customer credit card skimming/ID fraud scheme being made by someone purporting to be the other owner.


                            1. Picked up pho for dinner tonight on Pico, and much to my surprise saw Hollywood Pies open with a few guests inside waiting for pizza. Poked my head back behind the counter, saw lots of pies ready for the oven. When I asked if they were open for the foreseeable future, I was told they had closed in order to get a new floor put in.

                              Crisis averted?

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                              1. re: CLowe

                                Good to hear. Will someone please check back ?????


                                1. re: kevin

                                  Got one from them this weekend. Same as before. As good as before (which, in this case, I think is very good). Lots of open orders when I went to pick up. Like they never left.

                                  1. re: AndrewF

                                    So what was all this hoopla in the LA Times, LA Eater, and LA Weekly about him closing for good over a month ago. Something just does not make sense to me unless this was all just a PR stunt.

                                    But what kind of stunt I'm not quite sure.

                                    1. re: kevin

                                      Could have been a stunt, though I do believe the owner truly intended at one point to shut it all down. The whole outfit marches to its own beat. But it's back (for now), and I'm happy.

                                      1. re: AndrewF

                                        So the pizzas were as good as before when there were two partners ?????


                                      2. re: kevin

                                        Supposedly the owners split and one of the 2 is still holding down the fort.

                                        1. re: ns1

                                          I see.

                                          Shit, I better visit in the next week or so before they decide to close it again.

                                          1. re: kevin

                                            Same. When I read they were closing I was sad I'd never even heard of them. I really need to get out here. I'm going Saturday for sure!

                                2. So has anyone else hit it up since its still in operation ?

                                  Also, are there hours erratic and undependable as mentioned my a myriad of yelpers ???????????????

                                  Thanks. And does anyone know if they will make modifications like leaving the pecorino cheese off the pie ?????

                                  Thank you.

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                                  1. re: kevin

                                    My boss went a couple of weeks ago. Said it was just as good. Not sure about the variance of hours though. I saw somewhere that they had a thin crust special.

                                    1. re: chrishei

                                      Yeah, I'll hit it up.

                                      Just was pretty fucking worried if I go there and then they tell me, for instance that it will be about a two hour plus + for a pie.

                                      It seems like location is half a storefront on Pico.

                                      1. re: kevin

                                        Let me know what you find regarding hours and location. I checked it on google maps but not sure how accurate that street shot is..

                                      2. re: chrishei

                                        On a divergent note, I'll email you guys for the Shunji truffle gohan dinner.