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Oct 4, 2013 09:51 AM

BBQ...near downtown St Louis...on a Sunday evening

Seattle Hound heading to St Louis for a quick business trip. Staying downtown without a car. Would love to try some St Louis BBQ, but it looks like the places most people mention (Pappy's, Bogart's) are closed on Sunday. I did notice that Sugarfire Smokehouse delivers. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Nighttime is difficult for 'que, generally. Before I got to STL, I'd call Sugarfire and beg. They might be willing to send it out in a cab, for instance. (The other bad thing about nighttime is that good places run out. If you call beforehand, hopefully they can make sure you've got some.)

    1. Infer that you are flying in Sunday and maybe leaving Monday? If you are taking a cab from downtown to the airport, you could stop by Pappy's on the way and have them pack something for the airport before you board your flight. They are open Mondays.

      1. sorry STL is still kinda parochial in some ways - Sunday and Monday hours. I know it's weird. back in the 'blue law' days we could just go to Illinois and buy all the hard liquor we wanted, but in STL? nope.

        restaurants still sort of follow that path. Sunday - you should be at church, Monday - at work or cleaning up after Sunday. never made much sense to me but that's what it is.

        nosh gave a good tip, as you don't have to eat STL bbq actually IN STL.

        but does TSA allow outside food brought in? It's been a long time since I've flown, but you travel a bit. maybe that's a topic for a thread on a general board if it hasn't been done yet.

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          Yes, TSA permits food. What they don't like are fluids. So if there are containers of bbq sauce that are more than a couple of ounces, could be problematic.

          1. re: nosh

            so splooge it out into the meat container and eat it all mushy, bread packed on the side? I'd be cool with that.

        2. According to their website, Pappy's is open on Sundays but closes early.

          1. I would try to work out a Pappy's visit. Try to get there before mid-afternoon.