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Oct 4, 2013 08:44 AM

Canned biscuits??

I ended up with a surprise can of Pillsbury canned biscuits in my grocery delivery this week. I've never tried this product or any products similar before. I know I can simply make biscuits from it as the can directs but I'm wondering if any of you chowhounds have some creative ideas to put this to use.

Are they any good? I realize they are full of crap ingredients but I'm not worried about consuming a small amount of transfats and preservatives for a brief moment in time. I wouldn't bother if they were terrible though.

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  1. Are they the buttermilk biscuits? If so you can cut each biscuit into 4-6 pieces, dip in melted butter, roll in cinnamon sugar, and make a quick monkey bread. This works best in large muffin cups.
    It isn't the real thing, but not so terrible either.

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      Yes, the can says "Flaky Layers" buttermilk.

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        Love this! My sister and i would "cook" this as kids for a special weekend breakfast sometimes.....

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          These are the best. A little butter between layers is how I do it, They're even better broiled leftover. A bit of butter, burn the edges to taste, yum.

      2. Nothing that bad about Pillsbury biscuits, I already bought a canister of Grands to serve at Thanksgiving. Too busy that day to make from scratch. And I guarantee the four of us will probably finish them off first.

        As long as you don't eat them every day, they are great. I was going to bake them up and serve chili and cheese over them last night, although I did tacos instead. They have many uses, but as a straight buttered biscuit it isn't too shabby either.

        Oh the smaller buttermilk ones make great doughnuts if you pop out the center and fry them.

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          A gnats eyelid away from beating the layer biscuit, see above, again great reheated broiled with butter, burnt edges to taste.

        2. Don't know if it would work with the "flaky layers" biscuits, but I have used them as a topping for chicken or turkey "pot pie". If they are the "Grands" cut them in 4 pieces and use to cover the meat/gravy/veggies. If they are the smaller biscuits, cut them in half. Bake for amount of time and temperature in the directions on the can.

          (Cutting them into halves or fourths helps them cook through better so they are not doughy in the middle.)

          1. I hate them. To me they have a very strong chemical flavor that renders them inedible. This is true for all canned biscuits, not just Pillsbury. However, a great number of people whose food opinions I respect like and use them, so maybe it's that cilantro /soap thing, where something can taste very different to different people. I try a can every few years to see if anything has changed but so far, nope.

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              I agree about the chemical flavor on some of them, especially if they are "butter flavored." Less so on the regular original "buttermilk" biscuits, which I do use occasionally in a pinch.

            2. Here's a recipe for something called "pizza balls." I've made them before, and they're pretty tasty.

              I'm posting the recipe in an image as that's how it was sent to me from my friend. If this is not allowed mods, please remove and my apologies!

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                Yum to the pizza balls. On the same note they are great to stuff with leftover bits and bobs like sloppy joe's, beef stew, BBQ pork etc... or sweets like cream cheese and jelly or nutella and a mini marshmallow.
                I also have been known to cut them in quarters and pop them in chicken and dumplings to poach for ten minutes. They get very puffy but suck when reheated.

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                  These are all great ideas, suzi! I just might have to try some of these! :)

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                    Pigs in blankets! Just unroll the biscuits, pull off small pieces of dough and wrap around cocktail franks or little smoked sausages, leaving the ends uncovered. Bake at 400 until golden and sizzling.

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                      I've only ever made these with crescent rolls. Do you think they're better with biscuits? Lol....so many thing you can do with canned biscuits.

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                        A special breakfast tradition in my family- pigs in blankets made with canned biscuits & Vienna sausages, topped with peppered white sauce. Still do it once or twice a year.