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Dec 10, 2004 04:24 AM

Austin - East Side BBQ

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One more question before I go home soon.

Tonight seems the night for going out, and I am pretty sure we are going East. My client, who has connections with Austin local pols says that "Bill's" is the place for local BBQ. Does he mean Ben's?

On my "home" site,, someone suggested Sam's on East 12th as a terrific place.

Generally, of the East side places, what do Austin hounds think? On the other hand, do people think that if we *have* to stay in Austin, are we better off at Muellers on Manor Dr?

Finally, what do y'all think of Top Notch? Should I really push to go there for lunch today? I have only vague memories from over a year ago, but I do remember it as "my kind of place."



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  1. Top Notch? eh...

    How about Dirty's on Guadalupe? Or Nau's Pharmacy? or Hut's? Those are my fav burgers during the day.

    1. Your friend isn't talking about Bill Millers is he? If so your frnd is not someone to be trusted.

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      1. re: John Scar
        Vital Information

        Not Bill Millers, that's right near where I am now. He ment a place near downtown.

        Is there a Bill's somewhere near downtown?

        1. re: Vital Information

          I can't think of one named Bill's but I am really a Houston guy though with sporadic Austin knowlwedge.

      2. You can read about Ben's Longbranch here:

        I'm going to disagree with Amy - I don't like Hut's hamburgers. I do like going there, because of the Austin memorabilia. The absolute best hamburger is on 6th Street: Casino el Camino. Call ahead (now) if you go cause it takes a long time. I wouldn't drive all the way up north for Top Notch - although they make a good flame broiled burger. Most are fried.

        They are selling sliders at night at G&M steakhouse. I haven't been yet. It looks interesting. Aroud 7th and Lamar.

        Definitely go to Las Manitas for breakfast or lunch. Definitely. Between 2nd and 3rd on congress.

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        1. re: rudeboy

          I agree about CEC but aren't the only open at night? sounded like this was a lunchtime deal.

          Yeah, hubbie hates Huts (i just really, really like pineapple burgers and they're the only place i know that does them)

          So in order of love: CEC (if they're open and lunch and you have the time, yes, yes, yes), then Nau's, then Dirty's, the Billy's on Burnet (but they're moving quickly up the list)

          1. re: rudeboy

            "They are selling sliders at night at G&M steakhouse." What is a "slider"?


            1. re: AustinJohn

              A slider and nails are a burger and fries at White Castle. Best consumed at 2 or 3 in the morning, after a long night of drinking Old Style, Hudepohl, or one of the other Rust Belt beers.

          2. I'm going with the crowd on the bbq. Mueller's, although inconsistant, is mostly very good and is the closest thing to that "hill country bbq" feel in that area.

            I like Longbranch well enough but it's just - oh i don't know, not very fun...