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Oct 4, 2013 08:39 AM

Saturday Night, $30/entree, restaurant suggestions

Hey folks,

I'm heading to Seattle on business and staying with a friend, meaning it's out to dinner on the company dime. What do you recommend that's great Seattle food where she otherwise might not go? We're both mid-20s, pretty big foodies. I know Restaurant week is going on, but it doesn't function on a Saturday so that won't work. No allergies, no dining restrictions, etc.

If there's any place with a cool, cheap, tasting menu, that'd be great. Otherwise, something fun, something gastronomically "cool", and a place with just a nice vibe is what I'm going for. Any help would be incredibly appreciated, thanks!! :)

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      Agreed about Poppy. Other good options are Joule, Revel.

    2. We like the tasting menus at Golden Beetle and Revel, especially at happy hour.

      1. Try re:public - no tasting menu but it fits with gastronomically cool and nice vibe. It's located in the South Lake Union area.

        1. Place Pigalle. It remains under the radar for locals but has a certain something.
          I don't think you'd find foodies at either place as these choices are not trendy but classic, nearly old school.

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          1. re: JayDK

            I like both of those places, Jay. I didn't realize I was""old school". *grin*

            1. re: firecracker

              Well, you are as old as...
              I think old school in restaurants is where you recognize items on the menu and they prepare them true to tradition.
              And they prepare them well and are popular enough and well enough managed as to be successful to stand the test of time.
              With that in mind, I recommended these two places because I haven't seen anyone in their mid 20s dining there so that fits the bill for Zesty Lemon.

              1. re: JayDK

                In Seattle's culinary scene, it seems as though any restaurant that has been in operation since before the millennium will be looked upon as "old school." I love Place Pigalle.

            2. re: JayDK

              JayDk; love both those places, but I sure wouldn't put them in the category of 'gastronomically cool', esp. for a visitor from out of town, IMHO:)

              They would do better to eat at Spinasse, or - I might suggest the newly-cool, and relatively unsung as of yet new place "Le Zinc" by the guys from Maximillien's? That would be NEW COOL, by some guys who are OLD SCHOOL:)! An idea.....


            3. I think I'm going to make reservations for Poppy, the thali meals look right up our alley! Thanks everyone, I'll let you know how it goes :)

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