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Oct 4, 2013 07:41 AM

What did you have lunch this week?

Monday, braised fish stew with silken tofu and crispy soy beans from Land of Plenty

Tuesday, wild mushroom and bianca slices from Certe Pizza

Wednesday, Seamless had 15% off sale so bought a take out of Vietnamese pork chops and shrimps from Obao

Thursday, salmon sushi and unadon from Katagiri

Friday, I am thinking either chicken teriyaki from Glaze or try out the new ramen place in Treehaus and dough'ssant if they have it.

This coming Monday, I am going to try the burger, french fries and the new concretes(GCT crunch stellation) from newly opened Grand Central Shake Shack.

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  1. Monday - chicken lamb combo from Biryani House Cart

    Tuesday - potstickers and corn chowder from A-Pou's Taste Cart

    Wednesday - Tomato and mint fritters with fava bean dip on a pita from Pita Press

    Thursday - business lunch at Le Bernardin

    Friday - probably banh mi from Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches

    1. Monday - hot Pastrami Sandwich from a local no name deli
      Tuesday - Shredded beef with Spicy green chili at Szechuan Gourmet 56
      Wednesday - Special Shojin Ramen with Shigemi Kawahara "The Ramen King" and founder of Ippudo in Ippudo Westside
      Thursday - Gyro at Turco
      Friday - Burger at Spotted Pig

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        Is there any line during lunch hours at Ippudo westside?

        1. re: Monica

          Oh ye. Get there early. For this event we had to get there by 11:30, no line. Someone here mentioned that they text you now when your table is ready.
          Try the Akamura modern. Add the egg and spicy miso paste

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        1. Monday - Bulgoki Dolsot Bibimbop @ Kori
          Wednesday - Chicken and Biscuits @ Jacob's Pickles
          Thursday - Jerk Chicken @ Veronica's Kitchen
          Friday - Lobster risotto @ Ai Fiori

          1. Monday: Lean Cuisine

            Tuesday: staff lunch at Redeye Grill (celebration of my 30th anniversary at my company)

            Wednesday: home made salad

            Thursday: ditto

            Friday: lunch at seminar

            Really glad I had a terrific dinner tonight at Atera.

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            1. re: ellenost

              What did you think of Redeye grill? I have only been there once. Seemed pretty good but overpriced for what it was.

              1. re: plf515

                They have a very nice $28 3 course prix fixe at lunch with a few choices for each course. Service was nice. Waiter had no problem reheating the miso matzoh ball soup for 2 of my co-workers. Returned to the table promptly with steam rising from the bowls. I'd go back and try the regular menu.