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What did you have lunch this week?

Monday, braised fish stew with silken tofu and crispy soy beans from Land of Plenty

Tuesday, wild mushroom and bianca slices from Certe Pizza

Wednesday, Seamless had 15% off sale so bought a take out of Vietnamese pork chops and shrimps from Obao

Thursday, salmon sushi and unadon from Katagiri

Friday, I am thinking either chicken teriyaki from Glaze or try out the new ramen place in Treehaus and dough'ssant if they have it.

This coming Monday, I am going to try the burger, french fries and the new concretes(GCT crunch stellation) from newly opened Grand Central Shake Shack.

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  1. Monday - chicken lamb combo from Biryani House Cart

    Tuesday - potstickers and corn chowder from A-Pou's Taste Cart

    Wednesday - Tomato and mint fritters with fava bean dip on a pita from Pita Press

    Thursday - business lunch at Le Bernardin

    Friday - probably banh mi from Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches

    1. Monday - hot Pastrami Sandwich from a local no name deli
      Tuesday - Shredded beef with Spicy green chili at Szechuan Gourmet 56
      Wednesday - Special Shojin Ramen with Shigemi Kawahara "The Ramen King" and founder of Ippudo in Ippudo Westside
      Thursday - Gyro at Turco
      Friday - Burger at Spotted Pig

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        Is there any line during lunch hours at Ippudo westside?

        1. re: Monica

          Oh ye. Get there early. For this event we had to get there by 11:30, no line. Someone here mentioned that they text you now when your table is ready.
          Try the Akamura modern. Add the egg and spicy miso paste

      2. Monday - Bulgoki Dolsot Bibimbop @ Kori
        Wednesday - Chicken and Biscuits @ Jacob's Pickles
        Thursday - Jerk Chicken @ Veronica's Kitchen
        Friday - Lobster risotto @ Ai Fiori

        1. Monday: Lean Cuisine

          Tuesday: staff lunch at Redeye Grill (celebration of my 30th anniversary at my company)

          Wednesday: home made salad

          Thursday: ditto

          Friday: lunch at seminar

          Really glad I had a terrific dinner tonight at Atera.

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            What did you think of Redeye grill? I have only been there once. Seemed pretty good but overpriced for what it was.

            1. re: plf515

              They have a very nice $28 3 course prix fixe at lunch with a few choices for each course. Service was nice. Waiter had no problem reheating the miso matzoh ball soup for 2 of my co-workers. Returned to the table promptly with steam rising from the bowls. I'd go back and try the regular menu.

          2. Monica, we must work around the corner from each other.

            Monday, salad from Chopt.
            Tuesday, catering from Dishes.
            Wednesday, sandwich from Delmonico's.
            Thursday, salad from Chopt.
            Friday, falafel at Soom Soom and a coffee at Ninth St., which opened on 56th bet. Park and Lex.

            Unusual that I didn't manage Land of Plenty once during the week.

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            1. re: coasts

              I am at 53rd and Park.

              You get salad from Chopt?? Can I ask you why people are lining up that place to get....ummm..salad at $$$?? I never get it.

              1. re: Monica

                I phone in my orders and pick up without having to deal with the line. The salads are fresh and big and the cost is reasonable compared to some other alternatives. Every tenth salad is free, so each lunch is about $9-10.

                1. re: coasts

                  Although I feel like some people kind of enjoy lining up at Chopt just as they do at Starbucks in the morning. It's almost like socializing.

                2. re: Monica

                  Chopt and Just Salad seem to be the it place for young, somewhat trendy office workers to get their lunch in my immediate neighborhood. It's actually enough of a meet market that Just Salad has their own website for single.

                  That said, I usually have salad for lunch and the offerings at those two establishments are worth the extra couple dollars compared to your standard Midtown deli. I ended up trying to "economize" by getting my salad from Gigi's last Friday and was really disappointed.

              2. Monday - Hae Mool Pa Jun at Kum Gang Sul (if i have that spelled right)

                Tuesday - Lobster bisque and an Italian hero sandwich from Balduccis

                Wednesday - skipped lunch after a huge breakfast at Landmarc

                Thursday Crab and blue cheese dip and Sausage platter at Waterfront Ale House

                Friday - hot and sour soup, jelllyfish and pork belly appetizer at Szechuan Gourmet

                1. Mon: leftovers of my version of this salad (massage the dressing into the greens):
                  And a double espresso
                  Tues: kind of embarressing, but half a loaf of the tumeric/hazelnut bread from maison kayser, and a double espresso from sumptown
                  Wed: a salad the size of my head from sweetgreens (great unique selection of toppings
                  )Thurs: i had a nasty dental appt, so i ate a percoset and "mucho mango" smoothie-extra coconut please- from juice generation
                  Fri: homemade tomato/lentil/fennel soup with a maison kayser olive bun

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                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                    Nothing to be embarrassed about eating a half loaf of delicious bread because I ate a half box of Reese's peanut butter puffs cereal after lunch on Friday. So bad and embarrassing to admit.

                    1. re: Monica

                      Ha! I've never tried that cereal but it sounds snack-worthy. Maybe we need a new thread, "most embarressing meal/snack you had recently".....!

                      1. re: Ttrockwood

                        "most embarrassing meal/snack you had recently" --> Dorito sandwich with mayo

                        1. re: MrGrumpy

                          Wow. Just........wow. And now i want to try one!

                  2. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday much less for the entire week. The only thing that stands out in my mind was the lunch I had at the Four Seasons in LA. Nice fish.

                    1. went to Shake shack at Grand central terminal early like before 12 o'clock early but the line was already too long so I went to the GC oyster market for a tuna sandwich and a glass of cold beer. still needed something sweet so I went back to Shack shack to see if they had a separate line for custard but this location doesn't...then I remembered Kosmose's recommendation on Pomme Palais pastry shop at Palace hotel. picked up a Napoleon and an strawberry eclair. Napoleon was good but didn't like the eclair at all...kinda pricy at $6 a piece too.

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                      1. re: Monica

                        Yes. I found Pomme Palais is good at pastry dough + cream stuff, such as Napoleon and St. Honoré, which are really good. Eclair and Charlotte were a little better than average even in New York standards, where good French pastries are rare.

                        Try St. Honoré next time. It was really good too.

                        1. re: kosmose7

                          is eclair at Pomme palais better or do you think Lady M makes it better. Every time i go to Lady M to get the eclair, it's always sold out.
                          The eclair I got from Pomme Palais wasn't good at all in my opinion especially for $6. It was cold, chewy...didn't have much flavor. The only thing I liked was the little crunchy chocolate balls on top of the eclair.
                          I will try the St Honore next time, thanks!

                          1. re: Monica

                            Definitely Lady M's eclair is far better than Pomme Palais', although the latter is still better than Epicerie Boulud's, IMHO, whose choux is dry and hard as rock.

                            Michel Cluizel on Fifth Avenue, a chocolate shop from France, also sells eclair and it's only decent, and not great. It's really difficult to find excellent eclair in New York.

                      2. Tesday: Tuna burger and a glass of Allagash, then a slice of Napoleon and eclair from Pomme Palais
                        Wednesday: Schizhuan dumpblings and Braised fish stew with vegetable from Land of Plenty
                        Thursday:Lemon herb grilled chicken sandwich from Treehaus
                        Friday: Had 2 yakimochi from Cafe Zaiya for breakfast. Going to cafe Hong Kong for peking pork chops, salt and pepper squid and fried chicken garlic sauce. Thanks to Chowhound, I have been going to Chinatown for lunch almost every Friday.

                        1. Monday - I forget
                          Tuesday BCD Tofu House
                          Wednesday big breakfast, skipped lunch
                          Thursday - Kim chi jigae at Kum Gang Sul
                          Today - hot Italian hero at Carmine's (surprisingly good!)

                          1. Mon: homemade bastardized borscht with barley
                            Tues: too many garlic knots from group delivery, dbl espresso
                            Wed: miso soup, cashew tofu veggie thing
                            Thurs: the smashed clif bar (peanut butter) from the bottom of my handbag, and a crappy bitter espresso from bouchon bakery, a salted caramel macaron
                            Fri: the mezze plate from le pan quotidian, dbl espresso that was better than bouchon's

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                            1. re: Ttrockwood

                              I feel like Bouchon bakery can do so much better than the stuff they make. What a shame.

                              1. re: Monica

                                The macaron was pretty damned good but seriously that espresso was crap.....

                            2. Monday - hard boiled egg, avocado, scallion, tomato, and radish at home (aka ziggy charcuterie)
                              Tuesday - chicken over rice at the the chicken over rice guy 51/11th. Best in the area if I may add
                              Wednesday - Tacos and fried chicken from Los tacos and hybird (Kathryn, not bad ;))
                              Thursday - beef stew with rice and beans at Lali (yummy Dominican)
                              Friday - ceviche at Inti (finally. Fantastic)

                              1. Tuesday- 2 mushroom slices from Cer te

                                Wednesday- tonkotsu ramen from Nikai and Creme brulee doughssant from Chikalicious via Treehaus

                                Thursday- Specken wolf pizza from Roberta's, macaron from Macaron Parlour and pork belly bun from Hong Kong street cart at Madison square eat, pizza was good..though at $12, toppings were stingy as hell, macarons were just ok...pork belly bun was not salty enough and didn't have enough flavor..actually it was pretty disappointing. I paid for a brisket taco from Delaney bbq but the wait was so long that I said forget it and got the money back and left.
                                On the way back, I got a medium gelato from Eataly.

                                Friday- tomorrow..diet day, hard boiled egg and an apple.

                                1. Mon - Maoz falafel
                                  Tues - chicken burrito from Chipotle
                                  Wed - carnitas burrito from Sabor de Mexico
                                  Thus - calamari, salmon teriyaki at Haru near Wall Street
                                  Friday - ???