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Oct 4, 2013 07:21 AM

Thai Place in Framingham; we have a Thai place!

Yup, we have a new Thai place, and it's called Thai Place. It's my newest favorite. Every other Thai in the area is Thai from cans (Spice and Pepper), or doesn't have the traffic, and is sometimes a little dicey (Krua Kaun Yah)...I am hoping these lovely, earnest people can make a go of it in the square, boxey space that has been a churrascaria, a Mexican place, a steakhouse, maybe a computer repair place(?), on Rt.9, eastbound, before Uncle Cheung's...

They need a little marketing help, because there isn't enough light outside when you're approaching from the West, and you can barely tell they're open. Nevertheless, proceed, and walk into the spare, but plenty of tables space, decorated with some market art from the motherland...

The menu looks very ordinary, except the prices are darned good for ethnic food out here, along the level of New Rod Dee...I was disappointed in the choices...But, once I ascertained that the "Crazy Noodles" were indeed, pad Kee Mao, and they offered to make it with squid (my favorite combo), I was starting to feel better. But it was the dish itself that got me..."Earnestly prepared" is my tag; none of this thick, curry pastes from a can or plastic container, the sauce (or broth, even) looked a little thin...But the flavor it packed was superb. Everything was in there, in perfect amounts...It was hot enough not to use the spice rack proffered, and so flavorful I couldn't stop eating...Unlike a lot of Thai, that has onions, peppers and maybe eggplant as its only veggies, this had zucchini, cabbage and green beans as well, all lightly cooked...And the veggies outnumbered the noodles, which were the wide, triangular rice ones that I love..

TC also loved his chicken, beef and duck, with pineapple, in a plum sauce...Sounds gross, huh? Again, a brothy, delicately flavored sauce, so good he was eating it with a spoon after all the solids were gone (he was forgoing rice)...

Portions not huge; not a problem. One dish will feed one person, if you're not sharing...

We got take-out two nights later. I got my bellwether seafood salad, he got Pad Thai...The seafood salad reminded me of Rod Dee's, which I like a lot...Slightly raw flavors of lemon grass and herbs, a little lighter on the tamarind, plenty of heat, and plenty of seafood...Fresh seafood, I might add...TC's pad thai was the light, non-goopy color I like, almost dry, a little sweet...A little quibble was no bean sprouts and cilantro, which he didn't mind at all...

We are happy to have them here; it really fills a spot. Now, if we can just get them to put a few Northern Thai items on the menu! Go to this Thai Place, let's make them a success!

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  1. I'm glad that you've found Thai happiness in Framingham.

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    1. re: chuck s

      Still does not preclude trips into Dok Bua and S&I.... ;)

      1. re: galleygirl

        Oddly enough, there's another restaurant called Thai Place - in Allston, on the next block westbound from S&I. It's been there forever, at least 10 years, and AFAIK it's never been mentioned here on CH (nor, based on Yelp reviews, does it deserve to be.)

        1. re: Allstonian

          I had a perfectly decent meal there, soup IIRC, when S&I was too jammed. Meant to go back but can't resist the pull of Thai North up the road.

          1. re: Aromatherapy

            Totally agree. I haven't found Thai more satisfying to my palate in Boston than Thai North in Brighton.

          2. re: Allstonian

            Yeah, I went there once by accident, too, looking for S&I once...

      2. Thanks for the review galleygirl. That is not too far from me, I will definitely try it out. We really don't have good thai around here.

        1. And a new one in Hopkinton, too. Pan Thai, on Main St.

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