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Oct 4, 2013 06:33 AM

Sharkys' in Yangon

From USA here,. Just read an article in Food Arts about this resto. I am looking to buy some of the hot sauce he makes and cant find it anywhere.
Is there a website i can make a purchase?

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    1. Knowing Yangon and he general infrastructure in Myanmar he won't have a web site or the ability to process credit cards.

      Why not phone or send a letter to him at 117 Dhamazedi Road, Yangon, Myanmar, or call on (myanmar) 1-524677.

      If he can sell you some you can send US$ but they must be brand new, no creases or tears and put them in an envelope so they don't get damaged - if they are at all imperfect they can't be used in Myanmar - this isn't a wind-up its true.