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Oct 4, 2013 05:12 AM

Find french fine wine

I’m really interested in buying French fine wines but unfortunately I’m a little bit lost… So I’m looking for some tips! Do you have any goods plans? Thanks for your help !

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  1. I'll bite. Where do you live?

    1. How do you describe "fine wine" ? it is a bit vague.

      I suggest going to a wine store near where you live and ask around for suggestions.

      1. The Rare Wine Co in Sonoma....Mannie Burk has a great palate: .

        1. You're going to have to help us help you! Where are you located? And what's your price range? What wines have you tried that you like?

          1. Without more information, I would suggest K & L Wines:

            As there is an entire world of French Wines (even at the "fine wine" end), they can be of help. At the Redwood City store, their Bourdeaux Specialist is Ralph Sands (tell him that the Hunts say Hello), but he knows his French wines, from other Regions. They have access to a lot of great French wine, and even have a few, limited wines, that they import. They will not let you down - but they cannot ship to every state in the US, so check.

            Good luck,


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              With all due respect: I wouldn't refer a newbie to Bourdeaux.

              1. re: OscarFox

                That might be fine for information, and information that is available in many very good books, but for procuring wines from France, it might be lacking. Would you not agree?


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  As the Wikipedia article above says re. Bourdeaux:
                  "Not to be confused with Bordeaux"

                  1. re: OscarFox

                    Oh wow, you caught me in a mis-type. Give yourself a gold star on that one. OK?

                    Now, going back to the OP, I fail to see any worthwhile recommendations from you. Why is that?


                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Like: "I'm looking for a fine nice woman, got any tips"?
                      Sorry, I know my limits.

                      1. re: OscarFox

                        If I had started on Bordeaux instead of German whites, I would not have this sense of missing out. Because I felt unworthy during the good times.

                        Where ever anybody starts out, I hope they do it with verve and the steadying influence of one with some experience.