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Oct 4, 2013 04:35 AM

Montreal dinner for a group of 7

Hello! I'm looking a fun unique rest for the 7 of us on a Saturday night. It will be an eclectic group: my 67 year old dad, 2 sisters in law (early 30s), 2 very adventurous teenage boys, and my husband and myself. Dad and SILs are visiting so I wanted to take them to something unique to Montreal. I tried making reservations at Au Pied, Le Bremner and Garde Manger but no luck. Any other suggestion would be extremely appreciated! Thanks, Montreal Hounds :)

PS If it helps, rests in Toronto we like include Enoteca Sociale, Libretto, Zen, Black Hoof, The Saint (among many others).

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  1. Hello, I live in Montreal, love to cook and love to eat. I writer reviews on urbanspoon so there may be a a few ideas on my blog for you. One restaurant that comes to mind is Reservoir in the plateau. It is a neat spot! Really good, different food and they make there own beer on the premise. I am sure you would love it!! Make a reservation!! The place can get packed.

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    1. re: bigmamasnest

      Reservoir still do dinner ? I thought they kind of just continued being a brewpub with snacks.

      But the brunch was very good.

      1. re: Maximilien

        I'm pretty sure that's still what they do. And I'm surprised you can reserve.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          I've definitely never seen a reserved table at Reservoir... or anyone seating parties...

          1. re: Fintastic

            You may be right and they may not reserve, just mentioned it because it can get rather busy. *Also, they are a brasserie so I think you have to be 18 years old, I know you mentioned teen age boys.
            I went there in March and they were doing dinners then but hey things can change. At any rate, Montreal has a ton of great restaurants and urbanspoon is a good place to start :)

            1. re: bigmamasnest

              I just checked their site and they don't mention anything about serving dinner. Heck, they don't even do lunch anymore, except on Fridays. Although, if the evening snack menu is like it was before, it's quite possible to do dinner there, even though it's not really a proper restaurant.

              Also, it states on their web site you can reserve for special events.


              1. re: SnackHappy

                I've certainly seen the upstairs closed off for private parties before - but certainly this is for large groups and probably not on busy weekend nights.

    2. How about Lawrence, Les 3 Petits Bouchons, Hotel Herman or La Salle a Manger? These are all lively fun restaurants that are unique to Mtl with great food. My favourite is 3 PB.

      1. In my mind Black Hoof followed directly at the heels of PDC (anatomy humour?), so it seems like the best place to start. I'd recommend that you try calling them again closer to your trip as they often have cancellations, although they may be for early (i.e. 5) or late (i.e. after 10:30) tables.

        Otherwise, Gloria's recommendations are excellent. Like Black Hoof, Lawrence takes a nose-to-tail approach to cooking. Salle a Manger also falls into this PDC family. Maybe consider Le Filet for upscale seafood - still my favourite restaurant in the city, although it requires plate-sharing which some find unwieldy with large groups. Don't let this scare you away, however. They execute the sharing model in a manner enticing to even the most sharing-averse diners (namely, my mother).

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        1. re: Fintastic

          The last time I went to Le Filet I shared but never again. The pasta with ragout and frozen fois gras was so good it was excruciating to share. I think you could go and order 3 dishes and keep them all to yourself. It is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in the city as well.

          1. re: Gloriaa

            This is true, but one of the best things is getting to have a few mouthfuls of 8-12 different dishes. Almost all of them are exceptional so it never feels like you're making a sacrifice..

        2. Hi! Tried snagging reservations at all of the mentioned places but no luck. However, I managed to get a table at Le Chien Fumant. I've been to Joe Beef a couple of times and loved it. Have never tried Chien Fumant but I hear it's very similar. Thoughts and input?

          Also, PDC offered me a table at 10:30 pm. I hesitate to take it if LCF will be a good experience too (at a more reasonable meal time). Thanks again!

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          1. re: ctl98

            I always like Chien Fumant, though I've not been in almost a year. I think you'll enjoy it if you've liked Joe Beef. They have great cocktails and an exceptional charcuterie plate.

          2. Just curious..Where did you end up going? and how was it?

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            1. re: bigmamasnest

              Haven't gone yet. Going in a few weeks :)

              One last question: If you could only pick one, La Salle a Manger or Le Chien Fumant?

              1. re: ctl98

                IMHO both are doing pretty much the same type of food at the same level. I think it comes down to what type of ambiance your prefer. Chien Fumant is smaller, more intimate and bar-like whereas Salle à Manger is big, open and boisterous. I prefer Salle à Manger for the service, the wine and because they have some awesome specials, but I'm sure someone else could say the same of Chien Fumant.