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Oct 4, 2013 04:00 AM

Groupon for Guy Savoy

I'm guessing this is not a Groupon kind of crowd, but this offer just popped up and I've got my finger on the trigger…

5 course autumnal menu with 5 wine pairings at Guy Savoy for 170 € per person (up to 4 people max). Plus a signed copy of his book for the table. It's good for lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, or for dinner on the same days but _only after 10:30pm_. I'd rather go for dinner, but does anyone have experience starting dinner that late at this restaurant?

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  1. Offered on his website at same figure.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      The website doesn't mention the offer being limited to Tues, Weds & Thurs. I wonder if that's only for the Groupon folks?

      DeppityDawg: we get to Paris just before the deal ends on 21 December. If you try go, please do report back.

      1. re: Arago

        PS Pse forgive typo

        If you go and try it, please do report back

        1. re: Arago

          Their internet lunch special at 110 euros is quite good, very filling with a lot of courses. Had a perfect pintade last time through.
          One problem is the great and VERY expensive wine list that each time makes the wine far more expensive than the food.

          1. re: Arago

            I think 10:30 is going to be too late for me mid-week. The only advantage with Groupon seems to be the free book (and who says they don't just give one to all the other tables, too).

        2. I stopped Groupon here, it got annoying.

          1. Update on this offer:

            Bookings via the website aren't limited to Tues, Wed, Thurs, I was given one for Friday lunch in December. Credit card details are required to confirm the resa which must also be re-confirmed the day before, failing which it will be cancelled. In the case of a no-show, or cancellation after 10h00 on the day, 200 euros per person will be charged to the credit card.

            Menu automnal:
            Tourteau et toutes les couleurs de betteraves
            Tete de bar rotie, concasse d'huitres au chou
            Foie gras, pommes de terre et chataignes dans un bouillon d'automne
            Tourte de gibiers et champignons
            Chariot des desserts

            Served with the following wines:
            Coupe de Champagne Guy Savoy
            Vin de la Vallee de la Bekaa 2009, Domaine de Baal, Lebanon
            Riesling "Selection de Vieilles Vignes" 2009, Dom Trimbach
            Montlouis sur Loire "Les Choisilles" 2010, Dom Francois Chidaine
            Madiran "Argile Rouge" 2004, Chateau Bouscasse
            Gaillac Doux 2011, Dom du Moulin

            Would be really interested in feedback if anyone gives it a try as unfortunately Mrs A can't eat shellfish, so we won't be going.

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            1. re: Arago

              I wonder how much a similar wine package would add to the $110 set lunch menu -maybe not much difference. With that menu they structure it around your likes and dislikes so you can avoid shellfish and it's a similar amount of food

              1. re: PhilD

                They've come back to me and offered to amend the menu automnal to accommodate Mrs A so we're going ahead with that.