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Long Island Kosher Bakery

My 6 year old is having a birthday party at the JCC so we can only bring in kosher food. We need a cake. Does anyone have any recommendations of a kosher bakery in Long Island (Nassau) that makes delicious birthday cakes that are not too crazy expensive.

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  1. If you're a member, and if your local Costco has a kosher bakery, that would be my recommendation. Their cakes are dairy, but I assume that that would be OK for the JCC.

    1. fairway also has a kosher bakery and does birthday cakes- their strawberry shortcake is ridiculously good

      1. probably more expensive than the previous suggestions, but Sapienza in Elmont.

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          I second this. Sapienza is delicious. Their stuff is all dairy, which should be fine for a birthday party.

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            theres actually a groupon for sapienza, that you can use for a birthday cake

            its not up now, but its been back and forth and i bet if you check in a day or two itll be back

          2. Pearl's in Plainview/Woodbury, which is right near the Mid-Island Y if that's JCC you're going to. Bagel Boss may make cakes, I don't know. Lots of Stop and Shops in the area have kosher bakeries too.

            1. I think it is better to ask the particular JCC for a better description of "kosher." I am sure the JCC in the Five Towns would not accept Stop and Shop, but others might. The other suggestions would most likely be acceptable. It has been a very long time since I bought nursery school birthday cakes. Back then, we went to Custom Bakers in Island Park. Too bad they no longer exist. And they had great pies and challah as well.

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                Most of the S&S bakeries which are certified, are certified by the KVH, which is a widely accepted hecksher.

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                  I really have not looked lately, but the S &S bakeries near me on Long Island were not. kVH certified but from something in Monsey.

              2. Which JCC are you referring to?

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                1. I just remembered that many of BJ's bakeries are now under Kof K supervision . most of the products are certified . I was disappointed when I was in Valley Stream that the cider donuts were not kosher, but they come from an outside provider. I believe all the BJ's in Nassau County now have kosher bakeries . They also plan on expanding their kosher items to fresh meats, cheeses , etc.

                  1. Costco's birthday cakes are usually a hit with the kids. Yes, they're very sweet, but the icing designs are great

                    1. Call the JCC to be sure what their policy on food is. I would bet, from past experiences, that a cake from a local food store will be ok with them. I thik it is good you want to have a kosher cake and it may matter to some guests, but it may NOT really matter to the JCC.
                      They may hold to a kosher style type policy, so a cake from Bob the Local Baker maybe fine as Bob using veggie shortening, not lard.

                      1. I've purchased several kosher dairy birthday cakes from the Waldbaums in Oceanside. They make all sorts of pictures on them - you can bring one in. Price is very reasonable and the cake is decent.

                        1. Try Steinbergs in Oceanside, cakes are delicious and almost positive JCC approves them, but double check