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Oct 3, 2013 08:54 PM

Long Island Kosher Bakery

My 6 year old is having a birthday party at the JCC so we can only bring in kosher food. We need a cake. Does anyone have any recommendations of a kosher bakery in Long Island (Nassau) that makes delicious birthday cakes that are not too crazy expensive.

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  1. If you're a member, and if your local Costco has a kosher bakery, that would be my recommendation. Their cakes are dairy, but I assume that that would be OK for the JCC.

    1. fairway also has a kosher bakery and does birthday cakes- their strawberry shortcake is ridiculously good

      1. probably more expensive than the previous suggestions, but Sapienza in Elmont.

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          I second this. Sapienza is delicious. Their stuff is all dairy, which should be fine for a birthday party.

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            theres actually a groupon for sapienza, that you can use for a birthday cake

            its not up now, but its been back and forth and i bet if you check in a day or two itll be back

          2. Pearl's in Plainview/Woodbury, which is right near the Mid-Island Y if that's JCC you're going to. Bagel Boss may make cakes, I don't know. Lots of Stop and Shops in the area have kosher bakeries too.

            1. I think it is better to ask the particular JCC for a better description of "kosher." I am sure the JCC in the Five Towns would not accept Stop and Shop, but others might. The other suggestions would most likely be acceptable. It has been a very long time since I bought nursery school birthday cakes. Back then, we went to Custom Bakers in Island Park. Too bad they no longer exist. And they had great pies and challah as well.

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                Most of the S&S bakeries which are certified, are certified by the KVH, which is a widely accepted hecksher.

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                  I really have not looked lately, but the S &S bakeries near me on Long Island were not. kVH certified but from something in Monsey.