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Oct 3, 2013 08:52 PM

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Hi Everyone,

I'm flying in to Raleigh in about a week to visit family. First time to the Raliegh area and they are new too.

Any recommendations? preferences. I'm always interested in mom/pop places or non-chain places. BBQ, I suppose is a local specialty.
Price... happy with recs at all price points but would probably be happiest if most entrees on the menu are <$25.


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  1. Are you solely looking at Raleigh or are you interested in the whole triangle?

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    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

      Probably just Raleigh.... I don't know the area well so probably won't be going very far.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        Hi C-dawg,

        You know, when I posted this request initially, I put it on the wrong east coast board. So, I hadn't looked at these posts. However, there are only a few recent threads and some are around a year old, so I was hoping for some additional chowish advice (because I'm not sure if these places are still chowish) and I'm hoping to not rely on Yelp to help me eat for a week.

        I guess I'm just to loads more activity on the Los Angeles board... my home board.

        So, if you have a more recent rec, please share...


        1. re: DrBruin

          All but one of the links I posted have substantial replies in, or were actually started in, this calendar year. And those are only a few of the many Raleigh posts out there.

          I think reading through some treads and asking some more specific questions will yield you more recs.

      2. Here's a few recommendations to check into, you don't say where in Raleigh you'll be so I've kind of gone Downtown-centric slightly:

        The Pit - barbecue

        Centro - upscale creative Mexican food

        Stansbury - (I haven't been yet but it has gotten good feedback on here

        Bida Manda - Laotian food

        Second Empire - Downstairs they have a tavern which is less formal than the upstairs however you can order off of both the upstairs and the tavern menus. It's a Raleigh favorite.

        There's also Coquette, Vivace, and Midtown Grille at North Hills which are all lovely and worth dining at.

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        1. Also take a look at, it is my top pick inside Raleigh but several of the places Erika mentions are quite good.