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Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Hi Everyone,

I'm flying in to Raleigh in about a week to visit family. First time to the Raliegh area and they are new too.

Any recommendations?

Cuisine...no preferences. I'm always interested in mom/pop places or non-chain places. BBQ, I suppose is a local specialty.
Price... happy with recs at all price points but would probably be happiest if most entrees on the menu are <$25.


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  1. Are you solely looking at Raleigh or are you interested in the whole triangle?

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      Probably just Raleigh.... I don't know the area well so probably won't be going very far.

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        Hi C-dawg,

        You know, when I posted this request initially, I put it on the wrong east coast board. So, I hadn't looked at these posts. However, there are only a few recent threads and some are around a year old, so I was hoping for some additional chowish advice (because I'm not sure if these places are still chowish) and I'm hoping to not rely on Yelp to help me eat for a week.

        I guess I'm just to loads more activity on the Los Angeles board... my home board.

        So, if you have a more recent rec, please share...


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          All but one of the links I posted have substantial replies in, or were actually started in, this calendar year. And those are only a few of the many Raleigh posts out there.

          I think reading through some treads and asking some more specific questions will yield you more recs.

      2. Here's a few recommendations to check into, you don't say where in Raleigh you'll be so I've kind of gone Downtown-centric slightly:

        The Pit - barbecue

        Centro - upscale creative Mexican food

        Stansbury - (I haven't been yet but it has gotten good feedback on here

        Bida Manda - Laotian food

        Second Empire - Downstairs they have a tavern which is less formal than the upstairs however you can order off of both the upstairs and the tavern menus. It's a Raleigh favorite.

        There's also Coquette, Vivace, and Midtown Grille at North Hills which are all lovely and worth dining at.

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        1. Also take a look at http://mandolinraleigh.com/mandolin-r..., it is my top pick inside Raleigh but several of the places Erika mentions are quite good.

            1. In Raleigh, I'd recommend Poole's Diner or Beasley's Chicken (both run by the same chef). I like Spize Cafe for the banh mi sandwiches. I'd definitely recommend getting a "hot now" Krispy Kreme doughnut from the downtown location. As other mentioned, the Stanbury is supposed to be very good. Bonus is that it's located right next to Escazu chocolates, which are awesome. Then there's J Betski's which does nice German food. For Mexican, I recommend Taqueria El Toro on the south side of Raleigh, or Fonda Y Barreria Jalisco on the north side.

              To get great bbq, you probably have to venture out of Raleigh.

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                Taqueria El Toro is, indeed, awesome. I recommend that place 1,000%. While we're on the subject of Mexican food, I ate at Jose and Sons a few weeks ago and it was pretty spectacular.


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                  I've generally liked Sitti and Neo Monde for Lebanese and I know that people will argue, but if Cooper's is open back up.. they are a safe bet for NC BBQ within the confines of Raleigh.

                  The new restaurant Stanbury is getting mostly favorable reviews with a few comments about some things being overly salty.

                  Soo's chicken for Korean fried chicken is pretty popular and cheap. I don't know if anyone has listed any breakfast spots for a good southern breakfast.

                  If there are food trucks in the area you could always hit one of those up too, but I think the last rodeo is happening before you come (not sure).

                  Sawasdee for Thai food. Mojoe's for good and relatively cheap burgers with out all the extra crap that places try to top their stuff with.

                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                    Last time I ate at Cooper's it just wasn't that good.

                    Is Soo's still open? I thought that they were being forced to close due to development.

                  2. re: brsmith2

                    Finch's or Farmer's Market Restaurant for breakfast

                    J Betski's or Saltwater for lunch

                    Stanbury, St Jacques (fancy/French), or Capri (Italian) for dinner

                    Stick-to-your-ribs breakfast at Finch's http://www.yelp.com/biz/finchs-restau...
                    Stanbury http://www.yelp.com/biz/stanbury-raleigh
                    Capri http://www.yelp.com/biz/capri-raleigh
                    J Betski's http://www.yelp.com/biz/j-betskis-ral...
                    Farmer's Market Restaurant http://www.yelp.com/biz/state-farmers...
                    Get yourself the tastiest fried trout sandwich of your life at Saltwater: http://www.yelp.com/biz/saltwater-sea...
                    Special/French http://www.yelp.com/biz/saint-jacques...

                  3. Thank you for everyone's recs. Leaving today for Raleigh. Staying at a hotel near Creedmoor and Glenwood (Crabtree area) if that helps. Anyhow, I'll have a car and since I live in LA, I'm sure the distances aren't a problem with the rec's... since everywhere you go in LA takes 30-60 minutes.

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                      The state fair begins on the 17th! Might be a fun activity with lots of food options. Many of the civic/religious groups have booths with local specialties (very pork centric) as well as the Pork Council. If you have interest, past threads discuss the food highlights.

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                        There is the Bacon Cheese Burger served between two Krispi Kreme Donuts. You just don't bet better then that.

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                        If you want something very close and ethnic (Crabtree Mall is full of American-style chain restaurants) there is a small, independently-owned Middle Eastern place called Tarbouch about a mile away -- at Creedmoor and Millbrook. Look to the right of the Food Lion. They have some interesting stews, a marvelous soup ((starts with an M), and fresh salads (try the cauliflower). Good gyros and shwarmas.

                        Don't know whether Tarbouch has been mentioned here yet, but it is worth checking out. Hard working, really nice people trying to make it work. This is exactly the kind of restaurant that needs our support.