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Oct 3, 2013 06:59 PM

Going shopping at TJ's...what seasonal items are "must buy"?

The closest TJ's is about 3 hours away from my home, so while I am in SF overnight I will be making a quick shopping stop at TJ's. What seasonal items are a "must buy"? Please keep in mind the items will have to fit in 2 TJ's tote bags and a backpack, and I won't have access to a Igloo/Coleman cooler so it needs to be non-perishable. (I will pick up the perishables on the next trip.)

On my list already are:

A jar or two of Morello cherries
Chocolate chips and chunks and maybe PB chips (if available)
Pumpkin toaster pastries

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    1. re: viperlush

      Thank you, viper! Those threads will help.

      1. re: buzzardbreath

        Too lazy to read the other threads, but I love their pfeffernuisse cookies.