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What do you think of the pellet bbq grills ?

I have been thinking about getting a Traeger grill. Are they worth it,and how well do they work ? And I imagine your stuck buying their pellets. What I would miss is using different woods in my barrel smoker .

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  1. I don't own one but I have read some not so glowing reviews lately. Mostly about holding temp. Definitely check around

    1. Is it kinda a grill/smoker hybrid? I've seen it or something like it at Costco.

        1. I've bought tri-tips cooked/smoked on two different Traegers (one another brand but looked the same) and I didn't much like the flavor for either one. I know that's a very small sample size, but I suggest that you somehow try one before buying to make sure you like the result.

          1. I'd be wondering what was holding the pellets together, because I don't have much info on them. I can see the appeal of using leftover sawdust, etc to make the pellets, but like I said, I'm not too sure how they're made. Are they pure wood? I don't want to look like I'm trying to demonize the pellets, but I don't know what-all goes into them.
            For the time being, I will stick with my Weber grills, two charcoals, one gas.

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              From the amazingribs.com website:

              "Food grade pellets contain no binders, glue or adhesives, and when they get wet they revert to sawdust immediately."

              No need to panic, apparently '-D

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                Yup, it's just high pressure that holds them together. I have a friend who has a hydraulic press and makes his own for his bradley smoker.

            2. I've had one for about two months. The biggest benefit is convenience. You plug it in and it heats up. You put the food on and close the lid, and it cooks. It's like the convenience of gas with the smoke flavoring of a stick burner. I haven't had problems with holding or controlling heat. I also own a Weber kettle grill and a New Braunsfels smoker, and that is an exercise in moderating the highs and lows of heat management. You do use their pellets (which they say are 100% wood) and you can order a variety of woods from Hickory and mesquite to cherry and other fruits. Drawback is you gotta have electricity to run the fan, unless you use their solar power rig which costs extra. I agree that you should try some of the food if you get a chance.

              1. I am a long time griller/smoker. Have a caja china, a lynx grill with a rotisserie AND a Cookshack electric smoker. This is the best ever...beats many/most other smokers hands down. So good, it is illegal in smoker competitions!

                Uses chunks of wood...any variety you prefer...NOT pellets!
                Extreme fine tuning and control of the heating. Maintains internal heat perfectly...as the walls and top/bottom are all double walled and insulated. Available in many different sizes. Basic home version is about $500.00 and worth every cent. Have used it for whole briskets, chickens, beef ribs, pork ribs, pork shoulder, standing rib roasts and tenderloins, and assorted fish.
                Spectacular piece of cooking equipment!

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                  It's not illegal because it's so good. It's illegal because the rules state you cannot use gas or electric smokers.

                  6) Fires shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal. Gas and
                  electric heat sources shall not be permitted for cooking or
                  holding. Propane or electric is permitted as fire starters,
                  provided that the competition meat is not in/on the cooking
                  device. Electrical accessories such as spits, augers, or forced
                  draft are permitted. No open pits or holes are permitted,
                  except at the election of the contest organizer. Fires shall not
                  be built on the ground.

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                    Cool info. I've never been to a competition but it makes sense that to be really good at this you ought to adhere to all those rules. I mean, really, what we did on ours tasted fantastic but required really no skill...other than asking CHs what to do :)

                    1. re: c oliver

                      >what we did on ours tasted fantastic<

                      What is "ours"? Traeger, Cookshack, or?

                2. It is my understanding that the traegers used be fantastic until they outsourced manufacturing.

                  A buddy of mine has one that is about 8 years old and it works perfectly and delivers high quality smoked meats.

                  He recently went to the same place to get a new one and he was very disappointed with the quality.

                  1. I have the Traeger Big Tex Elite, as well as the Traeger PTG portable model for our RV and I love them.