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Oct 3, 2013 05:57 PM

See's chocolates at Jordan's Furniture in Reading

Stopped in there this afternoon to buy a few jellybeans for my little boy and discovered that they now have See's candies. Only the basic stuff - one-pound boxes in dark chocolate, mixed assortment, and the one that has extra nuts, plus some peanut brittle and the lollipops, I think. But still, I was so happy to see it there (ha, ha).

I feel like there must be another place around that carries See's, but can't think of one. Anyone else seen them locally?

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  1. Don't know about other See's Candies, but this makes sense as both See's and Jordan's are owned by Warren Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway.

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    1. re: mikeinboston

      That's interesting...I remember when BH bought Jordan's but didn't know they'd acquired See's too. I wonder if the other Jordan's stores will carry See's as well.

    2. I believe they carry some basic stuff at Lord and Taylor stores in local malls like Burlington. They usually have holiday stores in the Natick Mall and at Wayside Commons in Burlington from about Thanksgiving through Christmas. I stock up and store in the freezer.

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        Exactly: See's will only ship stuff from California to the East Coast in the dead of winter, so they have little pop-up stores around the holidays.

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          Not strictly true - See's ships mail order year-round, but in the warmer months they have to use special packaging with cold packs for anything chocolate, and they charge a premium for that.

          There are See's "shops" (i.e., displays) with very limited selections in Lord & Taylor's in Boston, Burlington, Braintree, and Natick, and in the Boston Macy's. In addition, they do holiday-season pop-up stands in some local malls - last year there was one in the Prudential. Selections at those are also limited. One of my favorite See's items is their terrific Bridge Mix, which they don't usually offer at the pop-ups, so I usually end up having to do mail order anyway.

      2. I buy one box a year at the holidays for my family, who really enjoy them. They have them at Lord & Taylor at that time, and also a pop-up store at the Prudential mall at the holidays.