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Oct 3, 2013 05:52 PM

Any place special for truffles in Milan or Rome?

Hello everyone!

I'll be in Milan and Rome next week and it's just dawned on me that it's truffle season! Are there any stand out places in either city where I should look to find truffle dishes? I'd like to avoid very high priced places and focus on smaller low key type of places. I haven't been to Italy in ages and don't know where to begin.


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  1. Don't mean to discourage you, but you may be a week or two early for truffles.

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      Oh, well that's disappointing. I'm sure I'll manage to eat well regardless! :-)

    2. There's still plenty summer truffle in Umbria and although not as exquisite as the winter black is better than nothing if well prepared.

      Of course I never eat truffle in Rome as I live in truffle-land but Katie Parla mentions a truffle place in this article

      And I guess Elizabeth might know something.

      1. If it was two weeks later who would have truffle dishes?

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          We have already been in white truffle season for at least 2 weeks and this year seems it'll be a great season. White truffle IS the truffle! At least for me! In Rome you can find truffle almost anywhere and prices depend on the quality and quantity. Black truffle season is few months away.

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            Are we in different romes? I still see the black truffles in the farmers market and have yet to see the white ones, except for the blogger event earlier this week.

            When the time comes almost all restaurants will have them, but try roscioli and beppe for the best pastas with truffles.

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              season has officially started and some restaurants have already had it for weeks now. In Italy regions have different dates since when they can start officially selling white truffles but generally it is september through december. Black truffle season starts instead in December through March. Summer truffles can be found May through December.

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                Ok the ones i see are then summer truffles, not black. But i still haven't seen the whites in restaurants. Do write who has it so OP can visit!

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                  Update: saw first white truffles today. At the market they were from abruzzo, at beppe from molise. I also heard of two dinners that took place last night that had truffles - metamorfosi (with oxtail) and glass. Though these two are michelin starred places and not necessarily what op asked for.

        2. yes, white truffles are in-- for the past two weeks.
          not sure about eating them in low key places-- as they are an expensive food item!

          They are not as expensive now-- prices really go up in Winter.

          I know my friend from Tuscany is opening a truffle bar near Milano next week---- but think it is out in Brera.

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            Thank you everyone for your help! I'll be there tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing what I find!