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Oct 3, 2013 05:29 PM

Worst Burger in Manhattan

So much talk about best burgers, anyone remember a burger they were served that was a disgrace to burgers?

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  1. maybe not the worst, but the new Clarke's Standards that have been popping up are super mediocre and equally expensive. it's my new most hated.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        yeah...this burger made me ill.

        ill also throw in johnny rockets on the low end.

      2. Silver Spurs, the 2-diner chain in the a 10oz underseasoned brick on a bun.

        1. I have become indifferent to the burger. But that indifference seems to be in sync with the fever.

          Allow an explanation. Berger meat, is ground meat, that is then molded together in its moist state.

          Then it is cooked. Recent decades have seen items such as blue cheese or other, applied it its center, as well as other vanguard ideas.

          I somehow become displease with all burger eating. This is due to what I had done to minced beef, when I lived next to an Indian grocer some years ago.

          Minced is so good. One fries it, on a iron pan, skillet, or recommend wok as well.

          Mashed and hammered garlic, much of it, along with axed to death ginger (use machine), begin the fry session.

          The minced just gets poured into the pan, and then use black pepper, hot peppers of varying sorts (scotch bonnets my fav, not so chopped).

          Soon apply the contents liberally from bags of individual items and even the mixed curry from an Indian or Bangladeshi grocery.

          Then you know you will never go back to the burger. Some yogurt and other items for dipping. Have flat bread, roti, etc. Eat primarily with hands using the bread.

          I have had burgers here and there, from time to time, and I always say to myself eating it "why did I order this".

          Mince. It too could be a fever.

          That said, tell me where my indifference may be stirred to delight!

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            1. re: jonkyo

              I had a White Castle this morning.

              I went for the classic cheese 'slider'.

              The pickle's texture and flavor, mingled nicely with the cheese and the slim slab of square meat. One was enough.

              The fries were crunchy to perfection.

              I can do without the catchup packets, as they are inconvenient. Of course, a more up market and independent venue usually view such packets as taboo, and one can indulge in the petroleum based squeezable container.

              Certainly not the worst burger, whether devouring many after a night of festive imbibing, or indulging in a meal.

              I have a nostalgia for this place, as an ex-girlfriend loved the tiny squares.

              Wendy's might be worst, in my reference to chain brands.

              1. re: jonkyo

                I absolutely love white castle and its ilk - grew up with a now departed chain called royal castle. Same idea but round paties.

                Burger King is my kryptonite as far as fast food, for what it's worth. Worst fries by a mile and mealy, unusually non- meat flavored 'meat.'

                1. re: debinqueens

                  Having a single White Castle is like having a single potato chip or cashew nut. They must be eaten in quantity. For some reason uneven numbers work best - 3, 5, 7, 9.

                  Although I have worked hard at this for years I am unable to crack double digits in White Castle consumption. That's probably a good thing.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    in college i got halfway through my 18th before abandoning any hope i had of completing my "crave case challenge"

                    a friend made it through 22 but was stymied by some "reverse eating"

                    1. re: tex.s.toast

                      Performances like that are what separate the seasoned professional from the talented amateur. I tip my cap.

                      1. re: Bob Martinez

                        Well, I eat in manners that most americans do not understand. Small portions.

                        With the small order of fries, the one slider with cheese, did actually more than a full toasted bagel with cream cheese would do, in the morning.

                        I can eat one after another, hand fulls of pop corn, as well as sticks of barbecued meats the likes found on 8th avenue stalls (chinatown) and in Mainland China, but to view the White Castle square the same, I dare not imagine the physical and medical results of that.

                        But I understand your drift totally.

                        The double digits, well, your are lucky having not 'cracked' them with regards to the White Castle Square.

                        It might be interesting to view those who can. Perhaps dibs on their medical state, as they age, could function similar to Betting on Football.

                        No pun intended.

                        Its the land we live in.

                        I have done two, after a night out in the bar.

                      2. re: debinqueens

                        Burger King is good for not much.

                        I wonder if the burgers would stick on the windows if one threw them in the manner we threw Sliced Bologna in my high school?

                        Otherwise, sometimes nice to take a cup of coffee there.

                        They might be in the run for an award in the Worst Burger, chain category.

                        1. re: jonkyo

                          I find BK to vary widely by region. Good meat in one area, crap in another. But still better that McD or Wendy's.

                      3. re: jonkyo

                        l've got a soft spot for White Castle, too. ln high school, we'd just refer to them as "murder."

                    2. The thankfully closed Stand 4. Good shakes, terrible, terrible burgers.

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                      1. re: howdini

                        The toasted MAshmellow Shake may have been the greatest first gulp of a shake ever.