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Oct 3, 2013 04:28 PM

Apple Picking

My 5 year-old daughter is obsessed with the idea of going apple picking. Any recommendations? I'd love to hit a place that has Honeycrisp apples, my favourite.

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  1. Do it after the first frost, they taste much better.

    1. Honeycrisp season opened on the weekend of September 14th - I went the following weekend and over two thirds of the orchard's honeycrisp trees were empty. I went to Watson Farms in Bowmanville/Courtice. I would recommend calling the orchards before going specifically for honeycrisp picking.

      1. Good tips, thanks, I'm actually traveling a lot the next few weeks so later is better for sure. When are honeycrisps peaking here?

        1. Here's a list of Apple picking farms from

          1. You'd do better buying a few Honeycrisps. They're a high value apple relative to Cortlands and Empires and usually aren't exposed to the ravages of the apple picking hordes.
            Doubt she's fussy about what type she picks.