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Apple Picking

My 5 year-old daughter is obsessed with the idea of going apple picking. Any recommendations? I'd love to hit a place that has Honeycrisp apples, my favourite.

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  1. Do it after the first frost, they taste much better.

    1. Honeycrisp season opened on the weekend of September 14th - I went the following weekend and over two thirds of the orchard's honeycrisp trees were empty. I went to Watson Farms in Bowmanville/Courtice. I would recommend calling the orchards before going specifically for honeycrisp picking.

      1. Good tips, thanks, I'm actually traveling a lot the next few weeks so later is better for sure. When are honeycrisps peaking here?

        1. Here's a list of Apple picking farms from Toronto.com.


          1. You'd do better buying a few Honeycrisps. They're a high value apple relative to Cortlands and Empires and usually aren't exposed to the ravages of the apple picking hordes.
            Doubt she's fussy about what type she picks.

            1. For pure fun and amusement (and you don't mind the crowds), I'd recommend Chudleighs to a family with young kids. It's more fairgrounds but there are apples to be picked. They do have an on site bakery as well.

              For a quieter and true apple picking experience, I'd suggest Orchardlaw. It's been in the Laidlaw family for many decades and at least 2 generations. I've been going there for as long as I've lived in the GTA. They have honeycrisp and because they're more about the fruit, you only pay for the apples. They also have great cider!

              1. If you're heading west of the GTA, there's a lovely place called Myers in Copetown (about 10 minutes west of Hamilton). They've got a few farm animals around and also sell a good variety of other local, seasonal produce.
                And Kagemusha is right - they won't let you pick honeycrisps, but they will sell them to you.


                Hope you have fun, wherever you end up going!

                1. Windwood in Vineland is my all-time favourite location.

                  1. My favourite apple place is Avalon organic orchard in Innisfil.

                    They don't have honeycrisp, but the fruit is good. Drive north, pick some apples and enjoy the colours on the way.


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                      I'm going on Sat and they are having free wagon rides from noon to 4 p.m. each day of the weekend.

                    2. Discovered Carl Laidlaw Orchard (in Brampton) last weekend, and loved it. It's got fun stuff for kids (hay to climb on, a "sandbox" with corn instead of sand, make-your-own pies, and wagon rides to the orchards) but lacks the craziness/commercialism of Chudleigh's. And the apples are good too!

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                        Yeah, my sister just told me she is going to this place tomorrow. Never heard of it before but she is doing the "make your own pies" with her kids for us to have at Thanksgiving. She said it is the same price for make your own vs. the ones they have pre-made.

                      2. I don't know where you're looking but we go to Nature's Bounty north of Oshawa (naturesbountyfarm.com) They have Honeycrisp (prepicked that you can buy) and at least half a dozen other varieties on trees. No 'frills' (hayrides, playgrounds, etc) but also no admission fee.

                        1. If you want to make it a road trip, I was in Collingwood with the family...it's gorgeous in the fall and lots of farms around there. We went apple picking at a farm called the Farmer's Pantry about 20 mins from Blue Mountain. Had lots of kid's stuff...petting zoo and other things. It was great!

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                            Yes this is our favourite when at the cottage. Take the back/mountain roads from Collingwood, and it's a gorgeous fall drive.

                          2. I second Chudleigh's. We were there this weekend and picked Honey Crisps, Galas and Empires. All delicious.
                            And the kids had lots of fun in the petting zoo, in the hay maze, on the slides and on the pony rides.


                            1. We were at Orchalaw Farm (run by another member of the Laidlaw family, Carl Laidlaw's was next door) and had a great time (wagon rides to the orchards). There were only a few types of apples left, however, and they thought they'd be done over this weekend.

                              1. We were at Applewood Farm and Winery yesterday. Still picking 4 or 5 varieties and plenty of those on the trees. Wagon rides out to part of the orchard and the pumpkin patch. There was a corn maze, baked goods and a food truck with fries, hot dogs, etc and a very good freshly fried apple fritter.
                                Honey crisp were available already picked.

                                1. Nature's Bounty in Port Perry is our fave