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Oct 3, 2013 04:24 PM

Announcing the new BBQ, Smoking & Grilling board

A lot of Chowhounds are into smoking and grilling these days, and talking about BBQing usually involves a mix of equipment, technique and recipe. It tends to cross over a few different boards, including Home Cooking and Cookware.
Some interested hounds asked us to give it a home of its own ( ), and now we have.

You can check out the new board here:

Feel free to use the board to discuss things related to BBQ that are of national or general interest. Discussion of local BBQ shacks should still happen on the regional board that covers the area.

If you see discussions that have been active in the past year that would be a good fit for the new board, please feel free to Flag them, and the mods will move them over. We'll also move older threads at the request of the original poster.

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