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Oct 3, 2013 03:56 PM

Canned Organic Tomatoes @ Costco

I found the Costco thread unwieldy to navigate so decided to put this in a separate thread.

I was at the Billy Bishop Way Costco in North York a couple days ago and noticed they now have Kirkland brand organic canned tomatoes. I've never seen them before. Unfortunately the can did not say BPA-free anywhere on it (but the the substitutes they use for BPA in cans haven't even been tested so they could be the same or worse).

Now if they could only get some wild shrimp instead of the Asian shrimp of various kinds they always offer which are raised in those chemically cleaned cesspools.

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  1. There are some wild caught precooked small north american shrimps at costco, some frozen raw US shrimps and head on Ecuadorian shrimps.

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    1. re: Pigurd

      Not at mine in NY. No uncooked that aren't from Indonesia.

    2. I will still probably stick with the La San Marzano tomatoes they sell there. They really are quite good for canned.


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      1. re: Davwud

        I agree with Davwud on the San Marzano-ish tomatoes. Great quality, great price.

        1. re: Yongeman

          As I understand it there are 2 differing but not necessarily contradictory stories.

          1) La San Marzano doesn't want to pay licensing fees to be able to call them SM's even though they're same varietal. I've actually speculated that they're SM but not grown in SM so technically they can't be called that. Like Champagne or Vidalia or Parmesan.

          2) They say "Choice grade" on the side and perhaps they didn't make the grade.

          Believe it or not, as I sit here and write this it occurs to me that I've never checked their origin.


          1. re: Davwud

            It appears 1) is correct.

            I buy the La San Marzano in strained tomatoes in glass jars at Costco 6/$5.99 and use them unadorned for pizza sauce. Great value. For any other use grow or buy and then can Ontario tomatoes in the summer with Weck glass canning jars (best in the world) and use them all year

            1. re: Flexitarian

              Flexitarian, I use the small cans of whole La San Marzanos for pizza, simply squished by hand. Fantastic and a little rustic.

              1. re: Yongeman

                That's great but I won't use anything out of a can because of the chemicals that leach from the lining. So, I use the La San Marzano in the glass jars or my home grown preserved ones.

                1. re: Flexitarian

                  I've never seen them in glass jars


                  1. re: Davwud

                    La San Marzano strained tomatoes in glass jars have been available for years at Costco in the same section as the other tomato products at 6 bottles/$5.99. Of course if you are talking about chunk or whole tomatoes, no they are not available in glass jars.

                  2. re: Flexitarian

                    Flexitaian, can you refresh me on the Eden organic tomato cans? The interior of Thomas Utopia (the actual canner) and PC organic appears the same.Kind of brassy.

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          1. Thanks. Yeah, the huge chowhound threads are really hard to navigate. I guess thats what we get for living with chowhounds archaic forum system...

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              Yeah, you should ask for your money back.