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Oct 3, 2013 03:12 PM

Rostang or Tour D'Argent for the canard au sang?

Dearest hounds,

My husband and I are going to Paris in November and I'm working out the menu details. One of the things we wanted to do on our honeymoon last year - but didn't manage to fit in- was getting a pressed duck, canard au sang. I'm determined to do it this year or bust.

We discussed going to Normandy to get the duck, but this is such a short trip that we really don't want to spend a whole day getting out there by train and back, especially when it'll be getting dark so early. So I've got to stick to Paris.

So my question, for those of you who've done the duck, or just in terms of general preference - La Tour d'Argent or Michel Rostang? Do I have other options? We've never been to either establishment, so I have no baseline.

(For context: we'll also be eating at Guy Savoy, Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes and Au Petit Sud Ouest.)

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  1. Since no one has replied I'lll give it a try:
    I've had the duck at the Tour three times, in 1953, 1989 and last year and it has been good all three times. I've not been to Rostang's in over 25 years, so I cannot attest to its quality today.

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      Thank you, I really appreciate it. My husband is pushing for La Tour simply because of the view, while I have been just a wee bit nervous because of the Michelin-star hemorrhage. But if you can attest to a yummy duck in 2012, I'll give it a whirl. Thanks again!

    2. LTd"A should not be delayed for a bucket list. Enjoy it and the ambiance more than once! The pressed duck is quite a cooking presentation carried out on a raised stage with proscenium arch. The duck is roasted in the kitchen and then breasts and legs removed. The carcass is pressed and the blood wine and cognac reduced in view of the restaurant. The sliced breast is served first with The sauce and then the leg with a mustard sauce.
      Tim Hayward of the Guardian did a nice video of his visit. (


      see also (


      My wife and I have made a habit of spending Valentine's week in Paris and have luncheon at L Td'A every other year.

      1. Another thing to recommend la Tour d'Argent is their incredible wine list. It is almost encyclopedic. But most astonishingly, it is rather well priced, especially for older vintages of red Burgundy from mid level producers, which can be very good (not to mention a great natch with duck). The staff gives great advice as to what is drinking well, what's a bargain, etc. a wonderful wine staff. Be sure to rely on them if you have any questions.

        1. Tour d'Argent is a must, it is wonderfully decadent and the view! I haven't had the duck at Michel Rostang but I don't think it could be any better than at Td'A.

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            As a student in Paris eating at the restos-U for a couple of francs, the duck at the Tour d'Argent was a dream. Many years later, having a full time job, I finally got to go. For lunch, of course. Same duck, much cheaper than at dinner.

            It was a three hour theatrical experience. Cheaper than a Broadway musical and far more satisfying. I can't say it was the best duck I ever ate, but as part of the experience, it was wonderful. I think I ordered the cheapest bottle on the menu and felt I was treated just as well as if it were the most expensive one.

            Note: My best duck was not in Paris, so that isn't an issue for this thread.

          2. Lunch @ Td'A (duck of course) is on my to-do list for Spring. :) You should go!