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Oct 3, 2013 01:22 PM

Help - Nashville this weekend

Hi - Need some suggestions for Nashville this weekend. Taking kid to visit Vandy, and as spouse and I are Vandy also enjoy homecoming.

1. Is HOG HEAVEN BBQ by the Parthenon still there??
2. Late dinner Friday night, what's good, not too expensive, fast in and around downtown or Vandy area
3. Saturday night, flexible time. What's soom cool options, creative food, good wines, not too expensive - will have 2 teens with us (girls).
4. Is SATCO (by Vandy campus) still open? Nostalgia....

As to food, the kids eat any and everything from Sashimi to issues there. So don't be shy, we're open to just about anything.


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  1. Hog Heaven is still there. So is SATCO, but depending on when you were in school, is probably not as good as you remember. The VU alums who started it sold it a long, long time ago.

    I hate to say it, but I hate when people say things like "not too expensive" ... have no idea what that means. Instead, I'll just recommend good places.

    The VU corridor has changed a bit - more chains, more large buildings. Still some good indie choices though. Look at Tin Angel or Bricktops, for example. Also, Hillsboro Village has some good spots that should suit -- Bosco's, Cabana, or even Fido.

    Cool and creative are Nashville's bywords now in the restaurant biz, and the areas of town that are happening are much different than they were. The problem you are going to have trying to go somewhere on Saturday night this week is they are all going to be booked up except for really early or late. Still, my top choices would be City House, Husk, Etch, Rolf & Daughters, Flyte, Lockeland Table, Eastland Cafe. Also really good would be Germantown Cafe (great view), {blvd}, Yellow Porch, Park Cafe, Suzy Wong's, Silo.

    If you want more casual fare, Peg Leg Porker, Edley's, Pharmacy Burger, Hattie B's.

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    1. re: TLF

      Lots of good options here. Thanks!

      SATCO was never all that, but it was right across the street from the Owen school....buckets of beer, tacos while you're hashing out a case study was never a bad thing....

      1. re: masnole

        Yes I'm an alum myself, ate at San Antonio when it first opened and for many years after.

    2. F. Scott has half price food after 9pm and good jazz.

      1. I know I am late to the conversation, but I just wanted to add in case anyone is looking up information. TLF was right on the spot. There are many new Nashville choice;however, many are more trendy and have $20-30 entrees that really are not all that. Depending on which days, you can look up specials and this site has many listed. Just to add to the list already in this thread,
        also around East Nashville and the Pharmacy is Margot and Marche that are both very good for brunch. I enjoy Sams in Hillsboro village for a casual sports bar, there is a new place in the gulch called The Pub that offers "English" food and a beer card system that you refill your glasses as needed from the tap and it automatically runs a tab on your card they give you. There is also The Southern that is really good.

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        1. re: hheath9h

          Of the many really good meals we had in Nashville on our last visit, the best one, I think, was at blvd on Belmont. That was a nice surprise, because our last meal at that location, when it was called Cha Cha, was both expensive and disappointing. This was less expensive than the meal at Husk, a lot simpler, and while nothing was as screamingly photogenic as Husk's art-directed dishes it was all very good. I'd heard that Arnold Myint had decided to design concepts and menus and invent dishes, while leaving the production work to a good hired chef and staff, and we felt that it's working nicely.

          The other very good and not-expensive meal we had, which I forgot to put into the report I posted here, was at a vegetarian Indian place on the ground floor of that big residence hotel (The Regency?) next to I-440 on West End. I wish I could remember the name - it's the latest of maybe five different restaurants in that space (Way Out West was our favorite) over the years - but although we were still jet-lagged the food was all wonderful. Attesting to its authenticity, ours were almost the only European-style faces in the room, which was pretty well packed for a Thursday evening.

          1. re: Will Owen

            hi Will, Woodlands is the name of the Indian restaurant you're describing.
            We are very lucky to have them in Nashville. Truly some of the best food in the city.

            1. re: pete k

              Thanks, pete. I think we're lucky to have hosts (old friends we stay with every trip) who are as adventurously food-loving as we are. They'd prepared us to like the place, but the food was well beyond our highest expectations. I usually feel a bit deprived if my Indian meal has no flesh in it, especially goat or lamb, but this was utterly satisfying. May they live long and prosper!