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Oct 3, 2013 01:08 PM

Cook Books and food publications Reviews

I have given this some thought and I'd love to see a board where participants can get information about cook books and magazine. I know we discuss recipes and whether we liked it or not. I know there is a similar thread about a specific recipe that every one is making.

I think a board where we can talk about a specific cook book or a magazine or article could be valuable.

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  1. There's lots of discussions of specific cookbooks on Home Cooking, some because they were Cookbooks of the Month, and others just because they caught people's fancy and somebody started a thread about them. Is there something about the existing discussions that isn't what you're looking for, or a reason why Home Cooking isn't working for the kind of conversation you'd like to have?

    1. I'll also add that people often discuss specific articles on the Food Media and News board.

      For example, here's a discussion about an article from the Guardian: (about how David Cameron bakes his own bread)

      1. Doesn't this already exist on the current boards?

        Food Media and News Board purpose, taken from the top of the board page: "Discuss news related to food, food magazines, food blogs, TV, radio, newspapers, etc."

        Home Cooking Board statement of purpose taken from top of the board page: "Discuss recipes, cooking techniques, and cookbooks."