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Spain Mediterranean Coast, any go-to destinations ?

  • 3MTA3 Oct 3, 2013 12:53 PM
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Wife and I have an opportunity to spend 7 days in Costa del Sole or Costa Blanca, maybe over summer '14. Don't have accommodation info, yet. Food/traveling/site seeing is high priority, does one site have any particular/vague advantage over the other ? Thanks

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  1. Between the two, I would opt for the Costa del Sol.

    Andalucia is the Spanish home of tapas and perfectly fried seafood.

    You'll be aware that both areas are major tourist destinations for we north Europeans, so you'll need to research restaurants quite keenly to avoid tourist trap type places (although, even there, many are pretty good).

    I've stayed on the Costa del Sol a number of times over the years and particularly like Estepona as a place to stay. It is probably the town that has retained the best Spanish feel (although it is still touristy)