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Oct 3, 2013 12:12 PM

GW Fins?

We travelled to New Orleans in 2007 and enjoyed a very nice experience at GW Fins. Now we are returning, with another couple. The other couple are pretty 'basic' when it comes to dining out. Oysters, grits and file would be 'weird' to them. The guy likes everything grilled and the lady is pretty much gluten free and red meat free. We were thinking of taking them back to GW Fins but don't see much about it on these boards. Is it still worth going to?

Is there anywhere that wouldn't be too 'out there' but that we (the more adventurous couple) could also enjoy. Budget isn't a big deal. We're staying at La Pavillon.

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  1. GW Fins still worth going to? Absolutely.

    "Not too out there", but different? Try Peche.

    1. What a fun couple. GW Fins should be fine

      1. Tsaw,

        While it has been 15 mos., since I last dined at G W Fins, I think that your guests would not be intimidated, in any way.

        Though from New Orleans, my late M-I-L was anything, BUT an adventurous diner, and she always found things that she loved at G W Fins.



        1. We dine at Fins regularly. I guess that in itself should say something. ( Actually, we dined there last Monday before heading to the dome.) It is arguably the best seafood restaurant in town. Always perfectly cooked seafood with light handed, enhancing accompaniments.