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Oct 3, 2013 12:00 PM

Quebec City Restaurant Recs

MidCoast Maine chowhounder heading to QC for a long weekend in October (Canadian Thanksgiving) and needs some recs!

I've read through the plethora of postings on this topic (some hard to sort thru since they often include Montreal recs). I've put together a list of what I've gleaned from that, and from prior expericences, to come up with the following eclectic mix of high end / low end / various meal options:

Le Pain Beni
Le Cafe du Clocher
Le Temporel
Cafe Bistro du Cap
Le Billing Creperie-Bistro
Le Petite Cochon Dingue

And for one KNOCKOUT meal:

Le Patriarche
La Cremaillere

We've been to Laurie Raphael and St. Amour before (and definitely liked both) but sort of looking for a new experience.

I must admit I'll likely also get an early bird special meal at Aux Anciens Canadiens...if only because the couple we're traveling with has never experienced what I would call classic French Canadian cuisine and I admit it, I like the place!

So I guess I'm just looking for a general view of my dining choices, or recs on other places that we shouldn't miss?


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  1. Well, these are all good choices.

    Note that it's "Le Cafe du clocher penché" and "Le cochon dingue" (Le Petit Cochon Dingue is deserts-only)

    If you're interested in more "real" French Canadian cuisine, just like my mom and grandma used to cook, I really like "Le buffet de l'antiquaire". It's the place I bring tourists when they want to eat traditionnal Québécois food. Prices are more reasonable than Anciens Canadiens.

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      Merci Dominique, I've walked by that place many times and wanted to give it a try, if only because it always seems to be packed with locals...thanks for reminding me!