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Oct 3, 2013 11:40 AM

Arts District recommendations?

I'm going to a film tonight at The Hub LA in the Arts District on Traction Ave near Merrick St. Any recommendations for dinner? We're open to all types of cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Wurstkuche for sausages and then go to Pie Hole across the street for dessert

    Or go to Marugame Monzo in little Tokyo for fresh udon.

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    1. re: Butter Fight

      Thanks so much! My friend just suggested Wurstkuche. Great suggestion regarding Pie Hole. Will save Marugame Monzo for our next visit.

      1. re: pasadena8696

        Definitely Church & State. It's a few blocks from where you're going to be.

          1. re: chewbacca

            Church & State and Bestia are both options, but in my opinion you should not try to walk from either of those restaurants to your destination. It's not a huge distance, but it has always felt really unsafe to me. If you want to walk, I would recommend Wurstkuche or Spice Table (across Alameda in Little Tokyo).

    2. Thanks, everyone! Great suggestions. I've been to Spice Table before and really enjoyed it. Have been meaning to go to Church & State for years. Also, have Bestia on my list. But tonight, I think we'll be super casual and go to Wurstkuche. Headed there now!

        1. Thanks, everyone! We went to Wurstkuche and had a wonderful, casual dinner -- I stuck with their classic bratwurst, my friend had the lamb sausage and we shared some fries with tzatziki for dipping. All yummy! Didn't quite have room for pie so we'll have to add Pie Hole to our next trip to the neighborhood. Did discover a lovely little art gallery next to the new Umami Burger. The gallery is currently exhibiting some wonderful paintings by an artist I've always admired -- Jose de Juan. Nice to see how much more vibrant the neighborhood has become since I was last there.

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          1. re: pasadena8696

            "Nice to see how much more vibrant the neighborhood has become since I was last there."
            _ _ _ _ _

            ...and there will be a third coffee roaster soon, so I heard.
            First there was Handsome, and then along came Stumptown, which is my favorite! In talking with the owner of Stumptown, I learned that a third roaster is coming to the neighborhood. While I thought that sounded pretty crowded, the Stumptown owner said that there was plenty of room for more serious coffee roasters; the restaurants are demanding better coffee and their business is booming. We walk-ins are only a tiny part of their business.

            1. re: pasadena8696

              Glad you enjoyed it, too bad you couldn't fit Pie Hole in, it's incredible (if you like pie).