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Pork cooked in milk in slow cooker.


I ended up with 2 gallons of whole milk and need to use it. I am thinking about making this pork dish but I hate cooking somethig on stove top for 3-4 hours. Anyone made this dish in slow cooker?
and is this a good recipe? I've never cooked anything in milk(other than desserts) and I am afraid this will end up being a waste.

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  1. I have made the Marcella Hazan version of this recipe innumerable times. It is a great favorite .
    I don't know about the slow cooker part, sorry.

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      very similar recipe but MH's recipe is simpler.
      how does this taste like? does it taste of any milk?

    2. Whole milk and a slow cooker - how about rice pudding? (without the pork, of course! )

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      1. re: truman

        haha, that's another thing I am making.

      2. I wouldn't use that recipe in a slow cooker because you'll have too much liquid by the time the pork is done cooking. Slow cookers don't allow for liquids to evaporate. I also think pork loin doesn't do well in the slow cooker, too little fat and connective tissue. You'd have to watch it closely to make sure it didn't overcook but when you open the lid, you lose heat and it takes about 20-30 minutes for the slow cooker to regain it.

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          Good point.

          I guess I will try the recipe anyway. Sounds strange to use that much milk to cook pork but will see. I am just curious about the taste of this dish.

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            You could try this, if you do want to use a slow cooker. It uses pork shoulder/boston butt and much less milk.


        2. How about making some homemade ricotta cheese with one of the gallons? I've made the Ina Garten recipe and it came out so good !

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            is it really better than fresh ricotta they sell at a gourmet market? I love fresh ricotta with a bit of honey or fig jam on a toasted bread.

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              Oh Yes.....and you can determine how dry or creamy you want it by how long you let it drain.
              Can't beat the homemade price either!!
              My local gourmet market gets a pretty penny$$$$ for just a small container!.

          2. Just remember the milk will curdle. Throw it in a blender to make the gravy. Somewhere elsewhere on the net in the last couple of days was frantic b/c of the curdling and thought it had gone wrong.

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              It is supposed to be curdled; little dark brown nuggets of nuttiness. I would not put it in the blender.

            2. So this weekend, I am making,

              rice pudding
              fresh ricotta
              pork cooked in milk
              crepe with whipped cream

              I may need to go out and buy more milk.

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                1. re: Monica

                  FWIW, bread pudding is great in a slow cooker, although I use cream and milk. Overnight steel cut oatmeal is also really good.


                2. If you like Indian food, you can easily make fresh paneer. Just heat the milk to a simmer, turn the heat off, and add in a couple tablespoons of vinegar. Keep stirring, and the milk will curdle and separate. Strain through a cheesecloth, and put on a plate with a weight on top to compress the paneer. Then you can crumble it or compress more to cut into cubes.

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                    +1 I think this is really the best idea.

                    I make fresh rasmalai and it's so much better than the canned variety. I used lemon or lime juice instead of vinegar. After the curds have formed give them an ice bath to make sure they remain tender.

                    Paneer is so versatile, you can use it in cooking or to make desserts.

                    Saag paneer or mutter paneer, or use it as a filling in manicotti.

                  2. How does one end up with 2 gallons of milk?

                    A gift?

                    Did you buy it online from Amazon?

                    Read the reviews!!!


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                      I have a 14 months old..i bought a gallon for my mom who looks over my daughter and bought a gallon for my house. My mom bought milk so she doesn't need it anymore so I ended up with 2 gallons. I usually buy ultra pasteurized half gallon sizes which has long shelf life but because gallon size organic milk was cheaper, I bought 2 and these have very short shelf life.

                      I did read those reviews...but I read it again...cracks me up every time I read it.

                        1. Pork braised in milk is spectacular (Marcella's version is the one I use, too). Yes, the milk looks lumpy and curdled at the end - this is not a visually stunning dish - but it tastes, well, porky and creamy and just delicious. I use pork shoulder, since I find the loin to get a bit dry. Usually serve potatoes or something with it for the sauce. And, this may sound gross but try it - spread the congealed leftover sauce on cold slices of leftover pork for sandwiches, with (in my house) a bit of tomato jam.

                          Now you have me thinking about it, and I may have to make it this weekend!

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                          1. re: Splendid Spatula

                            Do you use the pork shoulder with bones?
                            Sounds wonderful.

                            1. re: Monica

                              I have used both, but I have a certain preference for bones just because of the added depth of flavor. But shoulder is such a wonderfully flavorful cut that it's great either way.

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                                Boneless. It kind of falls apart when slicing, but no one seems to care!

                            2. I love pork cooked in milk! As others have mentioned, crockpot might not be the best way as you're supposed to leave the lid ajar. I have made it many times trying different recipes (they are all very simple). I find the Hazen one to be a bit bitter due to the juniper and bay which I normally love but not in this case.

                              The best I have found is simply milk, pork and a few fresh sage leaves. Nothing else.

                              The leftovers make for good sandwiches!

                              1. My friend's cow delivered a calf a few weeks ago so I now have tons of extra milk and cream to use up.

                                So far, I have made butter, buttermilk, yogurt, chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream and ice cream. This pork recipe sounds really good and something I'll try this week. Thanks for starting the thread. Gives me more ideas too.

                                1. So i made the pork and both my husband and I were not crazy about the recipe. It was too plain tasting for us. We did make a nice sandwich the next day with it on a good baguette and dijon mustard aioli.

                                  Also made rice pudding with vanilla beans and cinnamon. Can't go wrong with rice pudding.

                                  Made ricotta according to Ina Garten's recipe. It was excellent on a toasted baguettes with drizzle of honey and some fig butter from Trader Joe's. yumm...

                                  I didn't end up making crepe...too much food.