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Cronuts at Safeway?

The Librarian Oct 3, 2013 10:12 AM

My daughter, who lives in Walla Walla, WA, sent me a picture of the label on a box of cronuts that she bought in one of the Safeways there. I thought I would alert all of you who are interested that they may carry them at Safeway here in the Bay Area. I'm no help because I rarely shop at Safeway and I'm not a fried dough fan, so I haven't checked them out. She's no help about how good they are because her boyfriend ate all of them when she was at work!
Good luck in your search...

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    MangoMonkey Oct 3, 2013 12:28 PM

    Saw them at the Milpitas Safeway about 2 weeks ago, but couldn't bring myself to buy them. I believe they were $5/pkg of 6. Would love to hear if they're worth the calories...

    1. a
      alwayshungrygal Oct 3, 2013 03:29 PM

      I wonder if they were labelled "cronuts" as that is a trademarked name by the creator of the product. Unless it was marked as such, then Safeway is bound to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. I've seen them labelled locally as "cronots" which is a good play on the original name.

      1. v
        vulber Oct 3, 2013 03:35 PM

        i believe they're calling them dou'ssants. got this text the other day (no idea how/why)


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        1. re: vulber
          ML8000 Oct 3, 2013 04:11 PM

          Not exactly a ringing endorsement... "my son stopped eating after less than half a kronut"

          1. re: ML8000
            eliu01 Oct 3, 2013 08:20 PM

            Seeing the trans fat in the ingredients stopped me from buying them. A friend who couldn't resist said they were not very different from regular donuts.

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