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Eater's 38 essential list for Montreal

Eater Montreal is now public and they published their first "38 essential list".


How many have you been to? What is missing? What should not be on that list?

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  1. Lawrence, Bouillon Bilk are not there.

    (IMO) La Cabane Au Pied de Cochon should not be there.

    Maybe Pinxto should be in there ? maybe Kazu or Imadake or maybe Jun I (has sushi been out-of-fashion?)

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Lawrence is in the list.

      Bottega is missing I think. And Barbounya is a bit new to be on that list, no? If Barbounya is there, than Impasto should be too.

      Anyway, lists...

      1. re: Glaff

        True. Barbounya could maybe be traded for Su, given the former's newness.

      2. wilensky shouldn't be on the list as well as schwartz's

        1. Not that anything matters...but...
          I was happy to see Wilensky's.
          Perhaps Chalet BBQ shoulda been there and a real brasserie/tavern kinda place.
          Maybe the title shoulda been "...36 essential list for Montreal plus 2 others"

          1. This is a list of recommended restaurants that one shouldn't miss, perhaps when visiting Montreal. I don't think it implies that these are Montreal's best restaurants. Of course it's almost cliche now, but it would be silly not to include Schwartz's and Wilensky's simply out of historical reverence.

            In general this is the best list I've seen. There are few misses (except maybe Kazu and something like Pintxo/Tapeo/Milos) and only Icehouse I would not have included (perhaps also St-Urbain, Pastaga, and Moishes but I haven't sampled them enough to decide).

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            1. re: Fintastic

              I do look at the list for other cities before I visit. I am going to be in Eagan Minnesota soon and the list for the twin cities have been very helpful.

              Maybe we can have a sticky post for the Chowhound essential list :)

            2. There's now a Eater heatmap, the companion piece to the essential list. Some of the "missing spots" show up here which is weird.


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              1. re: marblebag

                looks like the essential list is for the tourists where the heatmap is basically the places to have a good time. weird as hell

                1. re: twinkie83

                  You have a really weird notion of a tourists restaurant

                2. re: marblebag

                  Their heat maps are usually spot-on. The Toronto version has a restaurant on it that's barely a week old. Great for visiting a new city where you don't know what's currently worth visiting..

                3. Glad to see Dinette Triple Crown on the list. Reminded me that I haven't been in awhile. Last time I was there I had a fried chicken and gravy sandwich on a biscuit, it was heaven!

                  1. Unfortunately, based on recent experiences, I think that Lemeac has fallen off and can no longer be recommended as a "don't miss" in Montreal, especially with so many other bistros/brasseries.

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                    1. re: picklebird

                      I agree. Last time I went was for brunch and although it was good, it wasn't something I'd go out of my way for again.

                      1. re: causeimhungry

                        Also agree with you two. Just went to Lemeac last weekend and I was not impressed, especially with their service. Don't think I would go again.