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Oct 3, 2013 09:56 AM

Fort Lauderdale

Voodka on Las Olas. Before you leave this thread, its changed big time. New chefs around August, we did the before and now twice after.

4 of us went. All into food, 3 good cooks. The ingredients, the cooking and the presentation were all superb. 4 different plates, all seafood. From raw bay scallops, to shellfish to filets, all superb ingredients and perfectly cooked. Sauces light, creative and well matched to the plate.

Service was always there but invisible. Good wine list. Definitely worth visiting. May very well have been the best meal I've had in South Florida. All agreed it was superb.

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  1. Was near empty at 8pm tonight and most places on Las Olas were busy.

    1. I live off Las Olas and walk by there all the time. The menu is super expensive. As the other poster mentioned, they are never busy when all the other restaurants are. Doesn't look too great for them but I hope they do well.