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Oct 3, 2013 08:42 AM

Vinotemp or Summit Brand built in wine refrigerator??

Hi I'm am 'newbie' wine enthusiast looking for a small (15"-24") built in counter height wine refrigerator with compressor cooling that wont break my budget (limited). Have looked specifically at two brands I found for around $700.00 - the Summit 15" 33 bottle SWC1535b and the Vinotemp 26 bottle VT-26. Any comments on the reliability, temperature control and loudness levels of these two brands? Or any other suggestions??

I posted pictures of both - Summit first then Vinotemp
thanks, Donna

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  1. In that size range I'd get the 38-bottle Danby that Costco sells for $450. That's probably sold under other brand names as a buit-in.

    I have a Vinotemp 600 and have found the cooling unit kind of short-lived, and it's annoying that it can't be repaired. I think I'm on my third unit in 16 years. But that smaller unit would have a different mechanism so might be OK. That also might be sold under different brand names, you might find it cheaper if you shop around.

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      I have had two Danbys... the 38 bottle, and now the 80 bottle. I've had very good luck with both. I know they make them to be build in. I would contact the company and ask where in your area you can see them, and if they go by another name. My 80 bottle unit came from Sam's Club. Danby folks suggested I'd find the lowest price there -- even lower than at the factory!

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        Thanks so much - costco does not sell the built in version of the Danby unit which is a Danby Silhouette 34 bottle, but have found it elsewhere at around same price as the above two units.