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Oct 3, 2013 07:54 AM

Paris help for Friday, Sunday and Monday dinners

I'm struggling with options for a quick trip to Paris at the end of the month. Arriving on a Friday and leaving on a Wednesday morning. We have Guy Savoy on Saturday and La Table d'Aki on Tuesday. I'm thinking Chez L'Ami Jean on Friday (although Le Chateaubriand keeps rearing its head in my head), and then for Sunday and Monday? Thinking of Les Papilles or Fish la Boissonerie on Sunday and Josephine Chez Dumonet or Bistrot Paul Bert on Monday.

Good and complementary choices? Best options? Would love help!!!

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  1. Come on now ejr; you've done your research, throw darts!
    Except I think Inaki Aizpitarte is more consistent at Le Dauphin than Chateaubriand and there's been some negative chatter about the service/server at Chez L'Ami Jean and Semilla seems to be edging out its big Sister Fish if I read the tea leaves here,.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Hmm. Darts they will be. I've seen the chatter on L'Ami Jean but don't know what to make of it -- I'm not scared off by the service if the food is still reliably good. Good to know about Dauphin -- if you had one Friday bistro-ish dinner, would that be your choice? Semilla was on the Sunday list -- not sure why I left it off the post (or Terroir Parisien).

      1. re: ejr

        "if you had one Friday bistro-ish"
        I wouldn't, because 1. i don't eat dinner out and 2. I have too big a dose of ADHD to not want to constantly move on to something newer - like Lazare or 6 Paul Bert.

        1. re: ejr

          Hmm. It's not the service that scares me. I haven't been back to L'Ami Jean since it stopped being big, gorgeous portions of Basque delights and started being a weird combination of its classic stuff and modern, contemporary stuff. From what I've heard, it doesn't do either thing well, so I'm gunshy. I'm still on the fence.

          We'll also be there on a Sunday in November - I've decided to jettison Fish and we're going to eat at Cafe Breizh in the Marais instead. Don't know if you're looking for a creperie, but I hear nothing but good things. Thought process went, I figure I can get fish cooked by Americans here at home, whereas I can't be guaranteed a good galette.

          1. re: incinerate

            I didn't think the chef at Fish was American, he's now French, previously a Brit. And it's not a fish restaurant - it's a wine bar and Fish means drink like a fish. That said its sister restaurant (opposite) Semilla is a better bet these days, and also French cheffed.

            1. re: PhilD

              Ah yes, thanks for the correction - faulty memory, I recalled that the chef was an expat, but not from where. I've only ever ordered seafood there, although I know they do other things - wasn't spectacularly pleased at the most recent outing, though. I'll give Semilla a whirl next time.

          2. re: ejr

            Hi ejr, I'm one of the culprits re: chatter but I continue to go back, having been fed very well in general. The cuisine seems to me to have the same strong signature across old and new dishes (fatty, salty, thoughtful use of good product, 'creative' only as it makes sense) and I certainly see a hands-on chef each time.

            The takeaways from the chatter may be :
            1. lunch is a safer bet than dinner
            2. make some choices yourself instead of leaving everything up to the kitchen
            3. this is not a place for all comers given pricing, service and if this bugs you, many foreigners