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Oct 3, 2013 07:05 AM

Breville POV800XL versus Cuisinart Model: CTO-140PC toaster ovens

I need to replace my Hamilton Beach toaster oven (the one voted #2 by America's Test Kitchen) because the door handle fell off and cannot be easily fixed by me. It seems I have to replace my toaster oven every two or three years, regardless of brand. I was about to bite the bullet and buy the high priced Breville POV800XL, the consensus #1 until I read a lot of online testimonials about people loving these machines until the break, which seems to happen a lot. I don't mind spending the $250.00 if I can expect 5 or more years of service from the Breville but if it breaks any sooner I would feel ripped off. Costco has on sale beginning today a Cuisinart CTO-140PC for $80.00. It gets good reviews and comes with a 3 year warranty compared to only 1 year for the Breville. I'd appreciate opinions why the Breville is or is not worth the extra cost. I do use my toaster oven frequently for a lot more than making toast. I roast vegetables, make lasagna, bake quick breads etc. in it. I also have a GE over the range Advantium Microwave with Speed Cook (infared) feature that I use to broil/top brown items.

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  1. I have the full sized smart oven, after 2 1/2 years the lower heating element stopped working. I called Breville to see if a replacement part could be installed and they offered to send me a refurbished unit with a 6 month warranty. It cost me nothing, not even shipping to send them my broken one. So far so good on the new one, it's only been a couple weeks since I got it.

    Considering my unit was completely out of warranty I'm thrilled with the replacement as I thought I'd have to buy a new one.

    Honestly I don't want to be without this oven. My previous toaster oven I'd had for over 5 years but it was tiny, with little functionality so we only made toast in it and reheated stuff. The Breville I do normal cooking in, including cakes and pies.

    I've never used the Cuisinart so I can't comment on it.

    1. I have the Breville compact smart oven and use it daily. Have had it about 3 years. Use it for toast, cookies, broiling red peppers, quiche, baked potatoes, you name it and the oven can do it. Both the large and compact Breville are 1800 watts, the Cuisinart 1500.

      1. I've had the full size Breville for more than two years now and love it. I looked into the Cuisinart and other top brands when I needed to replace my old Black & Decker. At that point I'd never heard of Breville (they weren't advertising the way they are today), but started reading reviews and was blown away. It's hard to be sure because I've never looked at them side by side, but my impression is that the Breville is roomier, large enough for almost all your baking and roasting needs when you're only cooking for one or two. And it even makes great toast.

        Plus, it comes with a 12" square broiler pan that's real quality, not a crappy piece of tin, as well as a 13" non-stick pizza pan.

        Since I got it I've added the Breville stand mixer and compact juicer to my kitchen and have been delighted with the performance of both. This company makes some seriously good appliances.