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Oct 3, 2013 07:02 AM

Gluten-free deep dish...does this exist? Other GF options?


My team is heading out your way for a conference in a couple of weeks, and I have been tasked with finding a spot for dinner on our first night. One person has Celiac and is gluten-free, and I am wondering if there are any restaurants that serve deep dish pizza, but have a GF option? We are staying at the Crowne Plaza on Huron, but can be relatively mobile.

If the GF deep dish doesn't exist, are there any recs for a place that has a decent GF menu?

Thanks from Boston!

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  1. I must admit that the thought of gluten-free pizza is about as appetizing as eating grubs. Might I suggest that a place like Lou Malanti's which is my favorite -- the Lou is the shiznet -- has salads. That also said, I've suggested to some of my gluten sensitive friends (heck I have some sensitivities too), take a prophylactic immodium and eat the pizza. Its goooood.

    Another option that is good for groups with selective eaters (smaller plates, lots of options) and is very reasonable is Quartino.

    1. You might check out this thread, about 10 topics down this page from yours:

      1. We took my Sister-in-Law to Hub 51 and she loved it. Give their menu a look, there was a lot of GF food there.

        1. Most of the 'Lettuce Entertain You' group of restaurants have gluten free menus:

          We really like Wildfire.
          Have Fun

          1. Connie's Pizza has had a gluten-free pizza crust option for awhile. Haven't tried yet, bet am planning too!