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Oct 3, 2013 06:40 AM

Pollen Street Social or Medlar [London]

I have three short days in London. I am going to Tozi and The Ledbury for two of the nights. Trying to decide between Pollen Street Social and Medlar for the final night. Initially was thinking PSS, but now am leaning towards Medlar. Medlar seems to be a better value, and seems to have gotten more favorable reviews than PSS as of late. I know I can't go wrong with either one, but am looking for any input. Thanks.

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  1. Medlar. Better value. Better food. More soul.

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    1. Medlar is very good and great value for that level of cooking. I was slightly unconvinced for a while with PSS. However, a fairly recent meal there was pretty special.

      So I would say that if you want something a bit more unique and are prepared to pay go to PSS, otherwise you still can't go wrong with Medlar.

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        You say that you were "slightly unconvinced" for a while about PSS. That is what is giving me some trepidation about going there. It seems reviews are either wonderful, or not so much. Seems just from reading that they may have some consistency problems. Though perhaps I am reading too much into it. I think I am still leaning towards Medlar, considering the value and coming from The Ledbury the night prior.

        1. re: joeandmaria

          To be honest, when I say 'slightly unconvinced' I mean not up to the general hype and the position in the GFG and SP lists etc. I always still thought it was a very good restaurant and worthy of its star.

          However, it was not until my last meal there I thought there could be something more exciting going on.

          You really can't get any better value for the level of cooking at Medlar though (unless you are doing a lunch deal).

      2. Well we kept decided to do Medlar. We will report back.