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Oct 3, 2013 06:37 AM

35th Bday Party Bar Rec?

Please forgive if this is a bit off topic, as it's related to bars in Manhattan and not restaurants or food per se. It's the first time I'm having a bday party in years and I've been out of the loop of restaurants and bars for a few years now, so I have no idea what would be a good idea. Any suggestions for a good bar (it doesn't necessarily have to serve food, but small plates might be nice just in case)?

Most of my friends are in their late 20s early 30s. I honestly have no idea how many people are going to show, so I'd need a place that we wouldn't need reservations and that wouldn't be hard to get into. I don't care if it's high class cocktails or more of a low key beer joint, but I'm not looking for a dive-y place or a theme joint. I'd prefer downtown (just cuz I live in Bk), the furthest north I'd like to go is probably Chelsea.

Is that enough info? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out The Flatiron Room It's got a cool, sophisticated vibe, lots of small tables along the wall, if there aren't a ridiculous amount of people I think it might work. I was there at 7:00 the other night and had no problem grabbing a seat. Good drinks.

    1. I literally just went through this myself-
      Pegu club
      You can call and make a reservation, no deposit or issues at the door with obnoxious bouncers, good seating and excellent cocktails. Earlier is better since its gets more crowded as the night goes on. We had great service and no problem with seperate tabs.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!
        I really like the idea of the Flatiron Room and Pegu, but I'll probably have people coming and going throughout the evening and wont be able to keep an actual table. Flatiron Room's website makes it sound like table service only, and everyone would have to arrive around the same time.
        Is Pegu Club tables only also?

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          At pegu there was no financial obligation-four of us arrived at the time of the reservation and had a generous booth that sat a very cozy 7 people but there were others coming and going most of the evening

        2. Can you make it a non-Friday/Saturday? Getting enough space for a large group during prime hours (without a reservation or deposit) may be really tough. obviously if people wanna get birthday-level celebratory without feeling like crap at work the next day that may be a tall order,